Shinsoku - Ryu Skinpack

This skinpack makes use of the Samurai model by Jimesu_Evil to create another kind of nondescript ninja-looking chara...


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This skinpack makes use of the Samurai model by Jimesu_Evil to create another kind of nondescript ninja-looking character. The bonus with this skin is that it is not only a stand-alone skin but it also includes a pretty cool SP species along with it. And even if you don't want to use it in single player you can always make use of it through the multiplayer species selection menu to mix'n'match which bits you want to use.

The species menu is undoubtedly the hilight of the skin. It includes ten heads (five variations each of the samurai's and the Jedi trainer's), four torsos, and ten leg options. Not a bad selection. The theme is entirely black and white, so the level of variation is a little restricted in that way. The textures included are definitely based on Jimesu Evil's original textures, but are not straight recolors which is nice to see. As far as the regular non-species skin is concerned, I was a little disappointed with the team support. The only differences between the teams are head-gear and katanas, it seems. Not really going to help anybody playing a TFFA, I'll tell you that. So a little bit of impracticality there.

Overall not a bad skin. Definitely some material to choose from here, and none of it's outlandish (but none is super-boring either!). Japanese enthusiasts will want to give it a test drive, I suspect!

Team Support: Yes-ish Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Title			: Shinsoku - Ryu Skinpack
Author			: Milamber
E-Mail			:
xfire			: secretname123456

File Name		: Shinsoku - Ryu
File Size		: 2.78Mb

Jimesu_Evil - for making this model and for some parts from
the samurai version and ninja version used in this reskin.

Original model credits:
Model By: Jimesu_Evil
Weighted By: Shady-D
Skin By: Jimesu_Evil
Head/Face Skin: Satansmaster
Katana Model: Playingkarrde
Sounds: Ripped from Soul Caliber II 

And also! 
Thanks to Yuken for beeing with me while I made this pack based
on the skin I made for him. The name Shinsoku is from Yukens
fighting style which he named Shinsoku-ryu.

for more information about the style.

put the .pk3 file to : C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base
then when u start the game the skin will show up in your skin list

Enter the profile and then go into the costum character selection menu(where you find the jaden skins)
Scroll the list untill the Shinsoku skin shows up and start mixing the parts you want!

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