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dAmaGe brings us a new map for flying. It reminds me of an extremely small version of kotor flight school. There is bot support, but its not...


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dAmaGe brings us a new map for flying. It reminds me of an extremely small version of kotor flight school. There is bot support, but its not really that good to have because you are on a small platform so you cannot duel exactly. One major complaint I have is you need cheats to re-spawn the ships, but oh well that just means you have more room to duel :). This map is especially good now that they fixed flying so you can actually fly! The map is great for dogfights. One problem was it seemed the skybox was really close so if you fly too high say bye! I think there is supposed to be music, but something went wrong and it doesn't work :(. There are new textures it seems not too sure, but I think so, correct me if I am wrong :). The map will get you boring after about 15 minutes because once the ships are destroyed then its like oh man! It is mainly for FFA, but I think it’s a bit better for duel because of the limited amount of space to fight on, but maybe that’s why the bottom of the map is solid so you don't die. The ships that are included are one X-Wing and two Tie-Fighters.

As Amy would say Mmmkay so this map is pretty decent, it has its ups and downs. One thing I must say is AWESOME FPS! I was getting about 90 FPS for the time I was the map and that’s good for me :). I am glad it has some bot support so you can kind of duel I guess :-/. The map is pretty simple, which makes it fun. All it is is a small platform with 3 ships on it. It sucks that you have to have cheats on to re-spawn the ships, but dAmaGe says he doesn’t know how to do the re-spawning. I wish there was some music that we could listen to, but who cares. This is an awesome map just to have dog fights and train on how to fly I wish they had this kind of map for BF1942. Well let’s see Bot Support yes, New Textures yes, new sounds No, and the Game support is mainly FFA. DAmaGe you did a very good job on the map so simple yet fun to a certain extent, I am hoping to see improvement on your next map maybe make the music work and make some more dueling space :).


New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes Game Types: FFA

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Made by dAmaGe
Version : 0.1
E-mail: [email protected]
This JA map will let you test out ships and flying and even dogfighting!
Its very good for training and already made lots of ppl much better in flying.
In this version there are 3 ships spawned at the start but you'll have to use cheats to spawn more.
Sorry i just havent figured out spawning over and over again :)
Have fun and email me comments and ideas please!

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