Tobe, you've captured my heart with your amazing works. I don't care what Inyri said last time. She never sees the beauty of an imaginatio...


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Tobe, you've captured my heart with your amazing works. I don't care what Inyri said last time. She never sees the beauty of an imagination =_,= (yeah, you heard me. BWAHAHAHAH)

Once again, Tobe dazzles our eyes with another reskin of the mystical Shiva, which I don't know as much about given I don't study Hindu. However, It's obvious that he was going for an icy effect, and has achieved so with his (complete) work.

Yes, I said complete. I'll start with the skin. His creativity was well placed, especially on a model so unimaginative like a twilek. This was a twilek I could look at and say: "Hey, it's not one of Lucas' turd creatures." You've done well with the semi-transparent cloth and the eyes. The team skins are just as grand.

The weapons? Remember the fireballs? Know what I'm thinking? That's correct, harlot. ICE POWER is available now. =_,= Along with the ice manipulation, we're brought a katars, a sword, and a chakram. Each weapon being a wonderful display of thought and creativity. Tobe doesn't pump these out without putting plenty of tender loving care, I can tell.

Tobe, the only improvement that could have been made here was a new soundset. However, in my book, you put enough into this powerhouse of awesome. I should fuse you with my soul, human.

If my review wasn't enough to make you pray before the Filefront Statue, then my command will compensate: I COMMAND YOU, IF YOU ARE A FAN OF THE MYSTICS OR TOBE'S WORK, TO ACQUIRE THIS FILE IMMEDIATELY!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to plant a beehive in Inyri's room. Just you try and stop me, fools. =_,= Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Aye New Sounds:Nay Team Support:Aye

- Averus Retruthan

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Download '' (5.36MB)

TITLE         : Shiva & Ice      (skin & weapons)
AUTHOR   : Tobe

FILESIZE    : 5.36 mb
DATE RELEASED: 23 Oct 2006

NPC support : Yes
Bot support : Yes
Team support : Yes

 *****   Features  *****

    *     Skins : Shiva is a Hindu god if you don't know :)  I reskined jedi_tf  to make them. there are many you can chose from the 
                        player setting menu, it's more like a matching game though.
    *     Weapons : Shiva use Ice Cube as weapon. No not those you put in drinks! They look like snow flakes.
                               Also Shiva has a pair of solid swords, claws, and a staff. All weapon = custom models + saber effects!

   *****   To Install  *****
         1)    Unzip and place        "  BB_Shiva_Skin.pk3   "                                                 *a skin file
                                                      "  BB_Shiva_Wep.pk3   "                                                 *weapon file
                                                      "  BB_MENUS_2.pk3    "                                                  *saber menu script

                into your Jedi Academy base folder:    StarWars JediKnight Jedi Academy/GameData/base


         2)    Open    "CHOSE ONE"     folder inside the zip,  and chose one of them:

                                " BB_Shiva_MP "     for Multi Player game (MP).
                   or         " BB_Shiva_SP "      for Single Player Game (SP).  
                   and place it into /base folder. DO NOT place both.   

                 That's all !   for the rest files and discriptions read below :)    


The reason to chose  " BB_Shiva_MP "  or  " BB_Shiva_SP " :

                  This will effect how the "weapon effects" looks in MP or SP game. Because I found out they react differently.                   
                   Doesn't mean you have to place the right one to run the game or anything. But don't place both or they will conflict.
                   It's ok too if you install  " BB_Shiva_SP " and go play a Multi Player game for example, if you like what you see.

Inside the      "extra choice"    folder :
             "   BB_MENUS_3  "  : This is a menu script that binds all the list of weapons from this "shiva" mod and my other "BB_Ifrit" mod.        
                                                    If you have both mod installed you can just put this  "BB_MENUS_3" in your base folder and remove the 
                                                    other menus so you can have all the weapons from both mods together on your menu.  
                                                       "BB_MENUS_1"  is menu of all the "BB_Ifrit" weapons. 
                                                       "BB_MENUS_2"  is menu of all the "BB_Shiva" weapons. 
                                                       "BB_MENUS_3"  is menu of all the "BB_Ifrit" and "BB_Shiva" weapons. 
                                                       So if you put "BB_MENUS_3" in your base folder you don't need the other 1 and 2, get it?

            " BB_Shiva_MP_2.pk3 "      :   A replacement for "BB_Shiva_MP" above. In this version, all Single "IceCube" are throwable.
                                                                 The above one isn't. I set that to default because this one "MP_2" is buggy when you throw. 
                                                                 You can fix that by join a MP game, and after you join, "restart match" once, the 2nd time you 
                                                                 join the game you should be able to throw with no problems. It worked for me at least..
                                                                 If you are going to install this file, remove "BB_Shiva_MP" from your base folder first.

            "BB_ShivaNPC.pk3 "        : This is a NPC file for SIngle Player.  To install, put it in /base folder and activate console,
                                                            and type      "npc spawn...."         or       "playermodel...."     you know..
                                                            The names and descriptions are below,

name:                      sv1                       *Blue Shiva with armor, carrys a stff type IceCube.
                                  sv2                       *Red Shiva with armor, carrys with a weird shaped stff.  
                                  sv3                       *White green Shiva, almost naked & see through skirt.  armed with Chakrams.
                                  sv4                       *Blue Shiva, almost naked, armed with dual single-Ice Cube.
                                  sv5                       *Red Shiva, almost naked, armed with dual Shiva claws.
                                  sv6                       *White green Shiva, with armor, carrys dual Shiva claws.
                                  sv7                       *sv4 skin with bright glow effect. carrys dual multi-Ice Cube.          *With Bobba_Fet class so you can
                                  sv8                       *sv6 skin with bright glow effect. carrys dual multi-Ice Cube.             fly by double clicking "jump" 

   *****   To Uninstall  *****

                                      Remove all files that's belong to "" from your base folder. 

Bugs and Compatibility :
                           I found the menu script for player menu and saber menu seems always conflict with each other. 
                           So if you have other saber mod or new species mod with menus in your base folder, you might see like no names or 
                           no images on the custom sabers. My menu scripts are in those named "BB_MENUS.pk3" files alone,  you can remove 
                           them without touching the weapon files. 
                           The Shiva skin  " BB_Shiva_Skin.pk3 " is a stand-alone file as well if you only want to keep the skins.
                           About graphics, the skins and effects are tested excessively so there should be no floater. But your machine will decide 
                           what you see so I can't tell you what you should see :)   but no I don't have the best nor old graphic card no no.
                           There are 2 shiva skins that have bright glow effect. If you try to mix it's body part with the other none glow leg skins. 
                            You will see some disappearing texture. So don't mix it. Or do! and laugh at it. :D
Weapon List :

Saber type               Entry Name                   Description                   
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Single                          ice1                             *Ice Cube 1, a single ice cube. 
Single                          ice3                              *Ice Cube 3, doesn't mean 3 ice cubes, it's 6 actually. 

Single                         svsw_r                         *Shiva Sword R, and
Single                         svsw_l                           Shiva Sword L,  it's a pair of swords. sword? ok call it Chakram because it looks like one.
                                                                            if you are going to equip them in dual, watch out there is for right hand and left hand.

Single                         svcl                               *Shiva Claw, a sharp golden claw. claw? ok its called Katar, a punching sword used in 
                                                                             Persia and India. You can dual it as well like Shiva Swords. there is no right or left.

Staff                              ice2                              *Ice Cube 2, a staff with 2 ice cubes.

Staff                              svst                              *Shiva Staff, yes it's very weird shaped staff. it's also a type if weapon that's from India
                                                                             area. I just can't remember the name. It's usually build with a pair of sharp animal horns.

                                                                            * try taunt animation with all the weapons :)  


That's all ! Sorry for the poor writting. I hope I explained everything ok. Enjoy the game!


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