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Poster rating: * * ½ — 6/10

I guess that a screenshot would spoil this. SithLord_Jaden has submitted a poster/wallpaper for "[file="4651...


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Poster rating: * * ½ — 6/10

I guess that a screenshot would spoil this. SithLord_Jaden has submitted a poster/wallpaper for "Showdowns: Episode I—The Imperial, The Jawa, and the Wookiee" made by {SITH}DarthTyranus[SL], from whom he got permission. I partially enjoyed that gamefilm, so I can understand why the author was inspired to create this.

The poster consists of a heading that reads "Showdowns," and under that, "The Imperial, The Jawa and The Wookiee." In the middle, there is an image of a scene from the gamefilm. At the bottom, the movie is credited to {SITH}DarthTyranus[SL], the poster to SithLord_Jaden, and it says that you can "get it 2005 at or" (PCGameMods? What?)—unfortunately, "get it 2005" isn't great grammar, and some capitalization could have been used for the two website domains, in addition to just more style for that text. (It's a simple poster, so I have every right to be picky about grammar, especially with such little text that was typed.)

It's okay. The fonts used at the bottom are conventional and defaultish (Times New Roman, I assume); usually that font should only be used to enhance the style of a presentation if it's in the correct style—but it isn't. The font(s) used at the top of it are effective because they fit the mood of the poster and of the movie. Light blue and purple were the colors that didn't seem to exactly fit in this poster, but that may just be that I would have done it differently. The main problems that I had with it were the main image used, which didn't seem to fully represent the movie, and the alignment of the image and the topmost text. They need to be centered, but they are more towards the left.

Despite this, it is a poster that you could theoretically use as your desktop wallpaper if you really fell in love with Showdowns Episode I. I don't recommend it, but since it's a poster it's really not a big deal—go ahead and try it if you wish.


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-===============Jedi Academy=================-
Maker: SithLord_Jaden,aka JckDork
File size: Few kb.
  A plain wallpaper/poster for the short movie, Showdowns: Episode 1,
The imperial, the Jawa and the Wookie by {SITH}DarthTyranus[SL]. I 
liked that movie so much i decided to make a wallpaper for it. I made 
it from hand DarthTyranus has kindly given permission for it. Thanks 

Installation: Installation? What installation? Just right-click it and
and set it as your background. It's only for the recommended 1024-768
wallpaper size.

Commments:I made this completely from hand, hope you like it as much 
as i do.

Copyright? DO i really need this?

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