Showdowns: Episode I - Official Trailer

Well... *composes herself* Very funny ;)

In case you missed the first trailer, here's my review for it: We don't get a lot of v...


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Well... *composes herself* Very funny ;)

In case you missed the first trailer, here's my review for it:

We don't get a lot of videos here, but when we do I always hope it's a good one. This teaser trailer seems like the final product with be just that, if just a little hokey. However for those of us with a sense of humor that won't be a problem.

It seems this video, called "Episode 1: Showdowns" (not the movie, as I was original led to believe... stick out tongue), details the adventures of the Jawa with No Name versus the vile Muriel (the green Wookiee, of course). The filming itself is done very well, so the hokeyness of the story just makes it that much funnier. Never before have I seen such a horrible Wookiee skin and actually appreciated it!

I'd definitely suggest this teaser if, through all your daily seriousness, you need a diversion into the wacky and/or comedic.

This trailer is quite a bit longer, and I must say that it's very well done. The only real gripe I had with it was the beginning voice actor... just didn't sound very Wookiee-ish to me. Other than that, I seriously laughed my fool head off, especially at the end. "Not to be confused with a DEMP 1 gun, or a DEMP 1.5 gun"... very funny :p.

Tyrannus really does a good job of capturing that stereotypical 'western' atmosphere, all the while horrendously (and I mean that in a good way) spoofing every aspect of Star Wars, as well as Jedi Academy. The culmination of this is an incredibly entertaining 2 and a half minute trailer of what promises to be a riot of a film. The music was extremely well integrated into the video, helping give it an almost serious feel at times, but then here some the Jawa with No Name...

People, you have to see it for yourself. If you don't at least crack a smile, you have no sense of humor. Or you need to rent a Clint Eastwood film from your local Blockbuster.


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File Name: "Showdowns: Episode I The Imperial, The Jawa and the Wookiee"  Official Trailer 1

Developer: {SITH}DarthTyranus[SL]

Developer's email:

Installation Instructions: Download and double click the icon to start the movie. 
Windows Media Player is required.

Running Time: 2 minute and 41 seconds. 

Description: This is the a trailer for the first episode of the Showdowns series, a comedic western spoof that
follows the Jawa with Noname on his adventures across the galaxy. In episode I, the Jawa with Noname must face off
against Muriel the green wookiee and his gang of thugs. 

Story: It is a dark time for Tatooine. Wookiee gangs, led by the evil green Muriel, run rampant, terroizing the local
population of jawas, beggers, and smelly beings. Many merchants have stopped coming to Tatooine for fear of meeting these
terrible foes, leading to a stock market crash. A shuttle has been dispatched by Captain Egger to investigate but the only
hope for Tatooine may lie in a small bundle of brown clothes and beady yellow eyes... 

Credits: Special thanks to Drivel, Xotli, Kronos and the rest of the excellent cast. 
I couldn’t have done it without you. Special thanks to Lazarus, Zozz, Dark-Warrior, and Otter
for the voices for this trailer. Special thanks to Zappa_0 for the music and 
Sith-J-Cull for his excellent map. Story by {SITH}DarthTyranus[SL] and Drivel.   

This film is not to be modified in any way without my permission.

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