Showdowns: Episode I The Imperial, The Jawa and the Wookiee

At first I was only going to watch part of this, because 30 minutes is a long time... But it actually held my attention for all 30 minutes....


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At first I was only going to watch part of this, because 30 minutes is a long time... But it actually held my attention for all 30 minutes.

The filming was done exceptionally well. Each scene flowed into the next. The only part that could have been set up better was the flashback. It took me quite a while to figure out that it was a flashback, hehe. The music was also chosen very well. There was a good mix between Star Wars music and non-Star Wars music... as well as the Star Wars Cantina :p.

The few things that bothered me were kind of minor. First of all, Wookiees physically can't speak basic... but I suppose that adds to the humor. Also some of the voice acting was bad. Not the voice acting itself, but the sound quality. Some of the characters sounded like they were recorded in a very big room, and were tinny. I'm assuming this is just one of the voice actors.

I'm not going to give away too much, because that would ruin it, but I'll tell you it's worth the time to watch it, both for its humor and its quality. Gets an A+ from me, and I'd absolutely love to see a serious film from this author as well. I'd even volunteer my talents... ;)

Just one more thing. Roll the credits a little slower next time... trying to read it hurt my eyes.


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File Name: "Showdowns: Episode I The Imperial, The Jawa and the Wookiee" 

Developer: {SITH}DarthTyranus[SL]

Developer's email: [email protected]

Installation Instructions: Download and double click the icon to start the movie. 
Windows Media Player is required.

Running Time: 31 minute and 19 seconds. 

Description: This is the first episode of the Showdowns series, a comedic western spoof that
follows the Jawa with Noname on his adventures across the galaxy. In episode I, the Jawa with Noname must face off
against Muriel the green wookiee and his gang of thugs. 

Story: It is a dark time for Tatooine. Wookiee gangs, led by the evil green Muriel, run rampant, terrorizing the local
population of jawas, beggars, and smelly beings. Many merchants have stopped coming to Tatooine for fear of meeting these
terrible foes, leading to a stock market crash. A shuttle has been dispatched by Captain Egger to investigate but the only
hope for Tatooine may lie in a small bundle of brown clothes and beady yellow eyes... 

Discuss the movie at either or 
Showdowns Posters by Darkside. 

Credits: Special thanks to Drivel, Demonwolf and the rest of the excellent cast. 
I couldn’t have done it without you. Special thanks to Lazarus, Spock, Zozz, Otter and the rest of
the excellent voice cast. Special thanks to Zappa_0 for the music and 
Sith-J-Cull for his excellent map. Story by {SITH}DarthTyranus[SL] and Drivel.   

Maps / Mods:

-Tatooine Scum and Wampas? (by Sith-J-Cull);27950 
-Battle Streeds (by Mars Marshall);39087

This film is not to be modified in any way without my permission.

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