Shuttle Prefab



Ok so here we have a Shuttle prefab made by AndacondA for his upcoming map. He's decided to release it public and i don't see why not :).

Basically what we have is a Shuttle on a platform. The platform itself has no textures, whether that's intentional or not I don't know but we can let that one fly for now right?. Onto the shuttle itself. The outside of the shuttle doesn't look to bad, but the continuous grey around the main frame of the ship is a bit bland and gives it a very dull look. The architecture is good however and you can tell some thought has been put into that. Moving on into the shuttle, first thing that strikes me is the excessively long and thin loading ramp up to the shuttle. Nothing wrong with a good ol walk i guess but something to remember for the future would be to think about the necessity of it. So straight ahead of me, once in side is a long thin corridor. Better use of textures could have been used here I think, the same textures are on the floor and ceiling of the corridor, but a different texture on the walls.

So moving onto the room to my left we have a compartment for travelers I'm guessing. Textures again repetitive on both the floor and ceiling but a more grayish texture on the outer wall. Fairly decent size compartment with enough benches to sit a lot people, they'd be a bit cramped around the feet area though, not a lot of space :D. A camera is also in one of the top corners so spying can take place from the cockpit. If you go into the room to your right from the corridor, its basically exactly the same in every way apart from a random texture at the end. Again another camera, but below on the wall closest, is a see through triangle that runs from the corner about halfway up the wall, to the middle or so. I had to get confirmation on what this is but its a caulk texture on the inside apparently. You cant see this from the outside but its basically a missing piece of the wall when looking at it from the inside.

Back into the corridor and moving right up to the far end and through a door, I come to another set of doors to my left and right. Both rooms are the same size and fairly small with nothing in them. The textures though, well, again very repetitive. I'm not a fan of repetitive textures as I'm sure a lot of you aren't, especially when there gray hehe, it can often ruin a nice looking model or map. So now onto the cockpit. More repeating textures to the ceiling, floor and walls, but the general lay out of this is nice. At the front we have the controls and two screens showing the rooms with camera in. This is a nice little feature but its a shame there upside down:(.

To conclude this review over all not a a bad prefab. Here are some things you might want to think about for your next prefab if you plan on doing one:

- Keep off the repetitive textures and try to use a better range of them. - Add more features to your rooms to give them an overall better feel and look. - Try to be a little more creative whether it be with the actual model or the styling.

Those are just my suggestions to maybe boost up the appearance and so on of the model. Totally up to you though;)




Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE**: My Prefab
AUTHOR**: AndacondA 
E-MAIL**: [email protected] 
WEBSITE: http://www.AndasCreations.freeforums.org 

FILENAME: Shuttle_Craft.pk3 
DATE RELEASED: 18 July 2007 

CREDITS**: I would give credits RavenSoft for these textures in the assets

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip file and put in gamedata/base folder 
DESCRIPTION**: I would describe my file here, as clearly and completely as possible. This helps people understand what they're downloading. 

DESCRIPTION: a Small shuttle i made for a map im gonam ake soon and i decided to share it with the public

BUGS: Theres 1 that i know of is that the sound might not completly work with the door
COMMENTS: List your comments here. Make sure not to use obscene language. 

All I ask is for you to credit me if you use my Prefab


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