Oy -_- our team has been set afear of this mod, and I can see why.

Essentially, the goal of this mod was to convert a side scrolling com...


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Oy -_- our team has been set afear of this mod, and I can see why.

Essentially, the goal of this mod was to convert a side scrolling combat mod. I'm honestly trying to figure out WHY this was thought of as a good idea. There's basically one reason: no combos! A 2D sidescroller arcade is chock full of button combos that must be rhythmically executed. Ain't no hadokens that can be made here v_v only JA's combat, which DEMANDS 3D environment to become even remotely entertaining, as the attacks . Worse yet, you have to "adjust" your mouse(not even sure what he meant by adjusting your mouse meant.) Regardless, this required more work than what was put into it. More forward directed combos, rework the controls menu, and don't put your own JAMPconfig.cfg in.

*sighs* Honestly, It's hard to say anything entirely pleasant about this mod, but I do appreciate the author's valiant idea and his enthusiasm, but honestly, this genre demands very specific controls. Nowadays, you could get away with a 3D sidescroller combat with 8-Way Run (coined by the Soul Series.) Case in point, more work overall plox. Doom befalls those who try and take a shortcut! Do not be afraid of trying to demand more out of JA's code. Things can be achieved, if you try =_=

- Averus Retruthan

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Sidescroller 
AUTHOR: Jonny2199 
E-MAIL: [email protected]  

FILENAME: sidescroller (folder) 

CREDITS: The idea of a sidescrolling-type-thing has been kicked around JKA forums for awhile. A little bit of Youtube searching got me the answer I wanted, so thanks to "Westule" for his video. The person that suggested this on the Filefront Forums quite recently was megaman295, so thanks to you too!

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Put the "sidescroller" folder AND the "Start_Sidescroller" .bat file in your GAMEDATA folder.

DESCRIPTION: As you may have guessed, this turns your Jedi Academy Multiplayer into a sidescroller! Sort of. The camera is at a 90 degree angle to your player... yeah, there's stuff wrong, see the BUGS SECTION below. On the whole, it's worked out nicely. Of course, this viewpoint wouldn't work well with current controls, so D is forward (right on the screen), A is backwards (left), W is jump and S is crouch. I also found myself pressing Space to jump sometimes, so you can do that too. Another problem would be maps - there are very few (if any) maps that would allow for this sort of control scheme and camera, so I made 3 VERY BASIC ones. Korriban, Nar Shadaa and Yavin. When I say basic, I mean BASIC. They're all the same, save for some textures and VERY SMALL details. Still, neat idea, huh? If someone can take it further (or wants to redo it using some of what I've made here) then feel free. As long as I can see what you've done before you upload it and get a small mention in the readme, it'll be fine.

BUGS: The default camera angle (at 90 degrees) means that the mouse needs to be adjusted at the start of each fight to properly view your character. The maps included are ONLY duelling maps because that is what the mod is intended for. Shooting weapons with any amount of accuracy is nigh-on impossible. Strafing isn't really compensated for. There's a small amount of room in each of the 3 maps to do it, but it doesn't really work. If this mod actually takes off, strafing could be used to "cheat" and dodge moves, most likely, but if through technical wizardry/basic logic you combine this mod with OJP-Enhanced, then you could use this to your advantage. If you turn the mouse left/right, you can see some of my shoddy mapping skills (haha...) but you still get the side-on view. There aren't any REAL bugs, as far as I can tell, just severe limitations of my skill. 

COMMENTS: I would have liked to make a HUD, but as you can probably tell by inspecting the construction of the mod, I'm not too keen on "overworking" myself. If you did want a HUD that nicely fits in with all of this, try;7157 by Last Wish and Darth Cariss. Incase you're wondering why I said OJP could possibly improve this mod, try it here -;91118 and if you're new to OJP, you'll probably struggle with the new saber fighting, so look at this -;91120


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