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Well well well, here we have a rarity, an Endor map! You don’t see many of these around! There’s not just one here, infact, there’s three! These are very well done too, it was great exploring these maps, its just a shame they are Siege only and not FFA’s too.

First of all, the Ewok Village Map;

Let me start off with the size. I wouldn’t say this map is too big or too small, infact, I find it…just right really. There’s plenty of space to have a good battle here, whether it’s in the treetops or on the ground. That brings me onto the ground. There’s some excellent terrain here! I don’t know what you used to do it (it seems too good for easygen) but it looks great! Just like a forest floor. There’s plenty of stuff on the ground to explore, all the ditches and trenches, and even hollow logs that you can walk through.

Now lets move up into the trees. This map really does recreate the Ewok village feel brilliantly! I absolutely love the texture used for the wooden floor, the idea of using a flat texture with see-through bits around the edges of the wooden planks is very clever. It sort of makes it look 3D without it having to be made out of many parts, which would lower the framerate. The same method of using 2d textures is used again with the trees around the edge of the map. Just a flat see-through texture, but with trees on it. Put a couple of layers of that together and hey presto, it looks like a proper forest! Another great thing is the skybox, which works really well to give the map that forest feel.

Unfortunately this map is only for Siege, that’s a shame because I think it would have made a brilliant FFA map too. There has been some clever things done with the Siege gametype though. When you come to choose which team you will be on, there is an actual proper map at the side, displaying the objectives, which is really cool. That makes it feel much more professional. Another thing that is quite nifty is the blue and red rings of light that look sorta like the command posts out of Starwars Battlefront. These are apparently the objectives, and there’s a clever way of capturing them…you need to hold down the use key on the objective, until it changes to your teams colour, which I think is a really cool idea ;) Also another great feature is that as you complete one map, depending on who wins, the game automatically loads up the next map in the series!

There are some things that could be improved upon, but like it says in the readme this map is still in Beta Testing.

One would be that on both the trees around the edge of the map, and on all the objectives, just at the top of each one, there is a small line, where it looks like the texture used is about to start repeating. So the texture could do with stretching just a little to get rid of that line. Also the big trees to which the structures are attached could do with some foliage adding to them, but the author tells me that he’s working on that, so that’s cool :)

All in all though an excellent, and professional looking siege map here, good job m8!

Right, next up is the Battle of Endor map.

Really this map is very similar in looks to the Endor Village map, except this one is in the daytime. This is also the map that leads into the Shield Generator Complex.

As with the Ewok Village map there are plenty of big trees, and some Ewok huts scattered around them. This is probably the largest map in the pack, if my senses are correct. There are a few cool features in this map which include: Log traps (remember all the log traps the Ewoks used in the final battle, like the two logs that swing together to crush the ATST’s head? Well they’re here ;)) There is a catapult too, which if you fire it when an ATST is just in the right position, if will fling a boulder at the ATST that will destroy it. Once again the terrain and lighting look excellent.

Probably the main thing that could be improved upon here is the fog. The fog looks kinda weird, because you can see the skybox clearly through it, but all the trees and ground are fogged up. So when you look straight ahead, the fogged up trees really stand out against the crystal clear skybox, and so the trees kinda look like big bluish blobs :/ All I could suggest to try to fix this would be to enlarge the skybox a lot, and then make sure you have a really big fog brush that extends well beyond the playable borders of the map. I seem to remember this worked for me on one of my maps once. I dunno whether it was a fluke though :S To be honest though this map might look better without the fog. Also this map doesn’t have a level shot either.

But besides that, another good map here!

Now, onto the Endor Shield Generator Map;

This map is much much smaller, but still looks brilliant. Once again the 2D tree textures are put to good use to give depth to the map. The terrain is once again excellent and the big pine trees here also look really cool, the dappled shade they create is very nice ;) There are a lot more buildings in this map than there were in the other two, and these are all the Imperial type ones. This would make a great place for a battle weaving your way in and out of the buildings, and pipes. Inside is also great, and very detailed. Probably my favourite part inside was what I presume is the generator room. You know, it’s the one where near the end of Return of the Jedi, when Han and the gang break into the bunker, they get ambushed by some Imperials, and Han chucks something at one of the Imperials and he goes flying over the railing into this big room, with all these pylons that have electricity sparking around them….well that part has been very well recreated here! There’s even a nifty little viewscreen thingy in the facilities control centre that allows you to see what is happening at one of the objectives in another room!

And who can forget that insanely large dish outside that projects the shields up to the second Death Star…well that’s here too and its massive!.

Things that could be improved upon here: not much really! Probably just the problem with the Objective, and Tree textures around the edge of the map that need stretching slightly again. Although this map also needs a level shot, because it hasn’t got one at the moment.

You can also play all the maps with bots (but they don’t seem to work too well on the Battle of Endor map) with the siege gametype, this is what the readme says:

If you are playing by yourself, you'll need to open the "consol" window and type /addbot nameofbot eg: /addbot rebel

Also although they are siege maps only from the main menu, there is a sneaky way that you can play them in FFA. Simply start up an FFA map as normal, then, once you get in type /devmap mp/siege_endor_village, /devmap mp/siege_endor_shieldgen or /devmap mp/siege_endor_bunker in the console. Then just spawn bots as normal from the menu :) They actually work pretty well! Unfortunately though the bots don’t work on the Battle of Endor map :/

Great maps here m8, I cant wait to see what other maps you make ;)

Battle of Endor:

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes (There’s this guy who actually speaks when you capture an objective, hehe cool!) New Music: No Game Types: Siege

Ewok Village:

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes (The guy who did the speaking in the last map is back again!) New Music: No Game Types: Siege

Shield Generator:

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No (There didn’t appear to be any sounds on this one :( ) New Music: No Game Types: Siege


Ohhh and by the way, don’t forget to check out the cool player models included in the .zip!



Map By: Monsoontide (With help from SunBurn on the Imperial Bunker Interior)
Md3's By: Monsoontide
Textures: Monsoontide (Based of some Battlefront ones which I've mostly redrawn - though there's a few left to redo)
Speech: Monsoontide
AT-ST Pilot Player Model: Monsoontide based on Imperial COmmando model by Hapslash and co.
Biker Scout Player Model: Monsoontide, Keshire & Duncan 10158
Rebel Commando PLayer Model (Beta): Monsoontide & >][V][<
Imperial Commando Player Model: HapSlash & The Dark Forces TC Team
Darth Vader Player Model: Neomarz
Han Solo Player Model: Major Clod
Ewok Player Model: Scouttrooper
Speeder Bike Vehicle: Monsoontide & Duncan 10158

Contact: monsoontide @ gmail . com (remove the spaces)


Place all pk3 files into your &quot;Jedi Academy/GameData/base&quot; folder.
Start JK:JA Then Create A Game/Select Siege mode/Then Pick Ewok Village or Shield Generator
Once the map loads, pick a team and a character and start the map.
If you are playing by yourself, you'll need to open the &quot;consol&quot; window and type &quot;/addbot nameofbot&quot; eg: &quot;/addbot rebel&quot;



Remove from /base folder.

This is a Work In Progress (WIP) of my Battle Of Endor SIEGE maps, which are currently upto version 5!!!
(I've been working on this for ages!)
There are three maps in total, all of which will link to one another depending on which team is victorious.
EG. If the Imperial forces win at the Imperial Bunker the Rebels will fall back to the Ewok Village map. 

For more info and updates, check out the WIP thread at:


These maps are a BETA build.
They are not the final maps.
The reason I have released the map is for PLAY testing.
I need feedback on how well the teams are balanced?
How well does the map play?
Are the objectives are completeable?
Are they in the right places?
Are the weapons balanced?
Is it too easy for one team to win?
YOUR HELP in fine tuning this map is greatly appreciated!
YES! There is a lot of stuff that is not complete or looks unfinished. (1 Exception - If there are any MISSING textures/files-(though NOT the ones listed above)/sounds/gfx let me know ASAP!)
PLEASE do not send me e-mails saying &quot;There are no handrails here.&quot; or &quot;There's a crack in the ground here&quot; or &quot;The skybox textures don't line up&quot; etc.

On My To Do List!:

Add the river back into the village map.
Get NPC support troops to actually shoot at enemy team members and patrol the area (Any help on this would be cool)
 - I've just set them all to Key: spawnscript value: mp/wander
Finish handrails, platforms, textures, foliage and all that graphical stuff. (Any help with why my transparent shaders show up BLACK through FOG)
Finish the texture mapping in the Rebel Commando PLayer model.
Script the &quot;Log Traps&quot; instead of using Radiant!

Legal Stuff:


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