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My review of the original version: Wow, I have to say, that I haven't heard music as soothing or peaceful as the one used in this ma...


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My review of the original version:

Wow, I have to say, that I haven't heard music as soothing or peaceful as the one used in this map for a long time. It's so good, it managed to make what is an average map, seem extraordinary! Of course, there's also all the custom models and players included in the pk3 to spice things up as well.

But the map itself isn't particularly breathtaking. It does have a certain allure however, especially the snowy section. The trees and plants look okay, although the textures on them don't blend to transparency very well, and the terrain has some extremely deep holes which once in, you can't get out of. I can't confess to finding everything in this map because, well, I couldn't! I ended up no-clipping between areas, so my apologies if I missed anything important. For example, there's three custom music tracks included in the pk3, but I have no idea how to listen to 2 of them in game.

The one thing which really does let this map down though, is the fact that it doesn't seem the author was bothered to do a -light compile, so everything is the same brightness, no shadows, colors e.t.c The general texture usage was also shoddy in a fair few places, such as using a solid red color for the giant square buttons. (Even though pressing them and watching them slide in was very satisfying.)

I think perhaps, the screenshots provide a better view of the map than I can really describe. All I can say is that whilst not the greatest artwork for JK3, this creation does have certain... something which makes it stand out. I'm sorry, good music goes straight to my head I'm nearly tempted to overlook the lack of botroutes...but nah, all maps should have botrouting, I stand by that.

Now, don't get me wrong, the new music in this map is also very nice, but I have to say....WHYYYY??! The old music was just.... incredible, why change something that doesn't need changing? :( Oh, and the file size of this map seems to be increasing exponentially with every new release. It now stands at a whopping 60MB. Overkill if you ask me - the map is large, I'll give you that, but it certainly needn’t be as large as this. I also wish the author would revise his pk3 knowledge, because once again, he's included unnecessary files such as the .srf and the .prt. Furthermore, there are still no bot routes, and the NPC helpers still won't budge to help you.

Unfortunately the lighting hasn't improved, which was a major negative. Many of the points in the original review still stand - but at least this time I managed to find the teleporter's to the other areas. And dammit, there's now a super-sized mutant rancor in the space section. There's also a button that you can use to kill it, but that's no fun at all now is it? ;) If I had to choose one word to describe this map... it would be abstract. It's certainly not the norm, but it has some weird style about it that makes it interesting.

The new sky works better than the old one I think, but I didn't manage to find the secret area described in the readme. Oh well. :( For the next version, cut back on the filesize, get some nicer lighting, (try a shader sky sun) and for Pete’s sake get that old music back in there ;)

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (64.61MB)

A Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Map
TITLE: Sigma: The Combined World v1.1
AUTHOR: [DragoN].Warbird*

DATE RELEASED: 28 December 2005

CREDITS: LucasArts/Raven Software, Vangelis (music), Korn (music), Mars Marshall ('yodavm' model used as summonable npc), Virtue --> The_Academy_V2 map (one texture used from that map - 'ja_wblock.jpg' renamed to 'sign.jpg'), MasterDragoon --> ship prefabs (available at - hatrus & minilogoguy18 & manquesa), notice that there wasn't readme included within prefab itself, Activision (and again Raven Software) --> snow trees models taken from SOF2 game. All ReadMe's of the respectful/respective authors' content, mentioned before, are included within this archive (/ReadMe's directory).

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just unpack the archive and place *.pk3 file in your /Base folder. You don't have to remove v1.0 of this map, they're both compatible.

DESCRIPTION: v1.1 of my previous map. Changes: skybox (now it's sunny/cloudy sky); main music; now u can pick-up tripmine (previously it lied in that icy valley and was unpickable); added completly new secret area (I wonder if u'll be able to find it ;) ); lift now should work properly; changed levelshot, obviously; FPS improved a bit.

And enjoy.

MAP'S HISTORICAL/GEOGRAPHICAL BACKGROUND: The story is the same as in previous release. Only this time, mentioned before, terrible times are coming - the end of the world and the retoration of balance of the Force. Why? It is related to Sigma's climate cycles. The sun is trying to appear and it means The One (Jedi legend) or Sith'ari (Sith legend) want to appear. And their presence means end of Sigma world.

New textures: yes
New sounds: yes
New music: yes
Map type: ffa
Bot routes: no (but only when u fire up this map u r going to understand me...)

BUGS: NPCs (damn, it was supposed to be unmentioned...) sometimes reacts strangely. Especially when they are on the map and you commit a suicide or go to the spectator, then when you return they won't attack player. 
Some 'holes' across map's surface (including jungle terrain) are too deep and what more - impassable for player's bounding box, so you won't be able to get out, why? Hey! It's a cold, dangerous and unfriendly world (complaints to the Force :P). The only way to get out of this mess is to use Grapple (JA+ servers) or join spectator.... so watch your step! 
That's all. I didn't noticed more/less bugs.

PROGRAMS USED: GTK Radiant 1.4.0, EasyGen 1.42, GIMP 1.2.5 and MS Paint! 



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