Silent Hill

Man, you guys have no idea how excited I got when I first saw this file come. I knew I would have to grab it. After all, this is a map based...


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Man, you guys have no idea how excited I got when I first saw this file come. I knew I would have to grab it. After all, this is a map based off of Konami's Silent Hill series, which happens to be one of my favorite game series.

The first thing that I noticed when I downloaded it to my computer was it's size. The filesize is huge. Here I was, thinking that it was because the map would be huge. Sadly, it is not as large as I had though, and the cause for the size is the music file, which is 10+/- songs from the Silent Hill series put into one file.

So I load this map up, and take a look around. I found myself disappointed with much of it. It was very blocky, and some areas seemed to have proportion issues. It did, though, have many areas from all throughout the series, such as parts of the school from the first game, the final boss area of the second, and the hospital of the third. Errr... I think it was the hospital... And the third game... I don't remember... XD

The various areas run through eachother, suddenly changing. It was as if someone took a ton of rooms and connected them together like Legos or something. A lot of the areas looked like normal buildings, and did not quite give off that Silent Hill feel that I was hoping for. Even the 'hellish' areas lacked the proper feeling for me. At least it was foggy! But, unfortunately, that fog seemed to slow my framerate more than anything.

So what were the main things I think needed improvement? Well, as I said before, it is quite blocky. That needs to be fixed, along with the proportions. Some of the walls weren't quite connected in certain places as well, but I can't quite remember where they were, since I was lost most of the time I was in the map.

There also seemed to be a lack of props in the map, as well. Some dangers in the map like a trap of some sort could help out too. Sometimes they can amplify the mood greatly.

The hellish areas need work. For example, the SH3 hospital area... If I remember correctly, in the original game, the wall textures were moving, glowing. While you might not be able to achieve that same effect in this game, you could do more than make it look like a wall with some unidentifiable substance splattered all over it.

The last major thing that I thought about was how to get around... Sometimes, once I went through a door that teleported me to another area, it was a pain finding my way back to that area. Either there needs to be more ways back, a different layout, or even a map will do. Something needs to be done about that though, I thought.

All in all, this isn't the worst map I have ever seen, but it could use a lot of work. And, if it gets that, I can see this becoming a popular map. Well, I know that it will with me, with improvements. Give it a download if you like the sound of it.


Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Modes: ffa, team ffa

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Download '' (75.62MB)

Silent Hill

Mapped by ]UE[-Kraven

Email:	[email protected]
UE home:


A map modeled loosly off the Silent Hill series which i have finally 
finished with and have decided to include on jkfiles :D

Supported game types:  ffa, tffa
Bot support:	Yes
Textures:	]UE[-Fangboy, ]UE[-Smichtty

Feel free to come see some of my other works on the UE site :)

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