Silver Dragon

You know what? I'm tired of all the movie-based models we're getting. Yes, they're good, but they're boring! What do we need? Some model...


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You know what? I'm tired of all the movie-based models we're getting. Yes, they're good, but they're boring! What do we need? Some models that come purely from the imagination, that don't seek to mimic something that already exists. Is this that? Could be. It's certainly not a Jedi, though, and definitely has a unique flaire.

My favorite part, oddly enough, is the hands. How many of you modellers out there use Raven's hands? Or learned your technique from them? *raises her hand* This author wouldn't have that, however. He seems to have made his hands from scratch, with the biggest difference being there are three, not four, fingers. The claws on each finger are also unique.

My second favorite part is the head, and wouldn't you know it, the mouth even moves! Personally I'd rather replace Desann with this model if it was JO compatible. He just looks so much nastier than Desann ever was, and Desann was pretty cool in my books.

Now to the technical aspects. What makes this model so neat is the skin has a specular shine to it, giving it the impression of being armored scales. It's very subtle, so it's not over the top and metal-looking. The deformation looks pretty good too, especially considering it's a first model. What I'm not so fond of is the very grainy look of the textures, which luckily you won't notice much unless you're looking at it very close-up, or looking directly at the textures, as I have a tendency to do. Other than that, however, the skin looks fantastic, as does the model. And on top of all that, it has single player support. Always excellent.

I'd recommend this to everyone except... well, nevermind. I recommend it to everyone. I mean really, who doesn't like dragons? If you can stomach lightsabers, the Force, and Wookiees, I don't think a silver dragon is out of the question ;)

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Desann's NPC Support: No


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Download '' (1.45MB)

This is a model for JKA

Release Date: 
Ouctober. 2, 2005

Eduardo / Manganiac / (in someplaces also as Bob or Bahamut)

[email protected]

Programs Used: 
photoshop 7.0.1, 3d Studio Max 7.0 ModView 2.5, Carcass, Assimilate, WinZip 8.1 and HELL a lot of notepad ;)

Installation Instructions:
Place the file Silverdragon.pk3 in the base directory in your jedi academy folder. 

To uninstall, just delete the graydragon.pk3 file from the base directory.

Description: First of all: SORRY to the RPG/D&D FANS, THIS IS NOT REALLY A SILVER DRAGON!!! "The name" is something more "generic" couse it's a improved version of my previows model (skin actually), as my skills are improved, the Dragon within inproves ;) ...Hell I'm tired of this, XP , it's my first model and it took me 2 complete weeks to learn and do the whole process, SORRY this doesn't have original sound, SORRY this doesn't have bot support, SORRY this doesn't have npc support, I'm just tired of it, went thro so many errors during this process I'm really tired of it, this pet (^^) couldn't wait anymore to be released he was kinda begging me in my consciouness to enter the comunitty, and as a good father I have to let go of my child, so, have fun people ^^. (playable in single player (removed the sholders, it's a Jedi in training right? sholders make it look like a grown up hunter or something like that...)

I did promisse Iniry Forge and Almighty Gir a BIG THANKS for the support they gave me with all the necessary information so that I could finally learn how to model and release it on this game. I Know that theywaited a little bit to help couse they wanted to make sure I wouldn't give up on the way. well if it's really a worth download model, than just be proud of me ok? ^^
can't write anymore couse maybe, if it's a good model and Iniry or whoever comment talks nicely some people will think they talked nicelly just becouse I did say thanks, so to avoid this I better leave it as it its... (wanted to draw a big thanks using maybe a few (10) lines...)
of course: Lucas Arts for making such a fun inspiring game and the Quake3 programers, none of these would be possible without them.
and all modelers out there tryng their best to bring their favorit characters into this fun universe.
and at last but not least, thanks to who ever created Bahamut, I own this person a peace of myself. (fans out there may recognize a few details)

If you are gonna modify/reskin this skins, You can! ^^ do as you wish, I'll even give you a few ideas! the sholder is a nice place to put your clan signs! Don't contac me!! just do whatever you want as long as you: I REPEAT: DON'T! JUST DON'T USE PAINT BUCKET! Have some Respect and DON'T USE PAINT BUCKET!!!You don't even contact me! if you use Paint Bucket or if it looks like Pait Bucket YOU CANNOT RELEASE YOUR SKIN!! I DEMAND IT TO BE ILLEGAL!!!! X(


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