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Griffenclaw's Jedi Council map was voted the favorite map of JK2 on just a few weeks ago. It's no wonder everyone wants a simil...


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Griffenclaw's Jedi Council map was voted the favorite map of JK2 on just a few weeks ago. It's no wonder everyone wants a similiar map for JA. Kahn has answered that request with the Sith Council map.

It's not exactly like GCJC, but one look at the screenshots and you'll agree that it was heavily inspired by it. The main area does have columns, a long red carpet, a bar, and several rooms, including a dojo, for dueling in. One of my favorite areas has to be the Armory. I can't believe I haven't seen this concept used before. You press a button and get a weapon or ammo. It's perfect except for one thing - you can't tell what you're getting until you press the button. It would've been nice to have seen some clear labels over each button. There's an interrogation room with a one-sided mirror-like thing, where you press a button to allow the interrogator to escort the prisoner to the torture room. The torture room doesn't live up to my expectations, but it's decent anyway. There's a medical room and bedrooms. The bedrooms are great. They're quite dark when you first enter, but there's a lightswitch. HA! So yeah, turn on the light and you'll be able to find your way easily to the beds or desks. And yes, that screenshot there is of Kent Brockman. I just, had to include that. Who doesn't love The Simpsons? :D

My only real complaint about this map is that the textures are so repetitive, so it is kinda boring to just look at. But it's a fun map to explore and lends itself well to RPing, just as GCJC did. I wouldn't be surprised if this does become a favorite map for JA players.

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA


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JEDI KNIGHT III: Jedi Acadamy Sith Council Map Version 1

Title				: Sith Council
Author				: Nick Aikenhead(aka Kahn)
E-Mail				: [email protected]
Website				:

File Name			: sithcouncil.pk3
File Size			: 11,896 KB
Date Released			: 03/27/04

Game Type			: FFA
New Textures			: YES
New Models			: YES (well ones from other sites{credit below})
Music				: YES
Bot Route			: No (hopes to add in later version, don't know how yet)
Bugs				: You can see some of the map threw the sky textures, I havn't been able to fix this problem 				  	  yet. Not sure if it is really a bug, but the lighting is a little low, it is hard to see 				  	  when is a great amount of light on ur computer screen Can't have to much light or it takes 				  	  the sith feel out of the map.

Installation:			: Put the sithcouncil.pk3 into your /gamedata/base/ directory.

Uninstall (dont know why though): Take the sithcouncil.pk3 out of your /gamedata/base/ directory.

Description/File Info		: 

	 This map is loosely based on the Jedi Council GC map form JK2. In the main area, there are 4 duel rooms, one interigation room, and one Armory. Also a bar to sit back and relax. Threw the main doors, to the left, is a medical room to be healed. To the right are the bedrooms to rest and watch some good old tv. And straight is the main duel room with stands to watch, also a VIP room for the high power followers of Kahn and Neo. There is also an elevator going to the basement threw the min doors. In the basement, right outside of the elevator doors, there is a dungeon with many dead council members who betrayed Kahn and Neo. If you go right around the corner, there is a duel circle after jumping up the pillars like in the Jedi Council GC map. Finally, all the way around the corner is the Sith Council room. This is an area for clans to talk. There are benches and tables to sit back and relax and talk. There is a secret cave somewhere that leads to the tomb of Kahn and Neo. Have fun finding the entrance and the way threw the maze. Also, if you have played the RJ_Sublime map, you know about their control center. I loved the idea and added one here too. There are three switched. One to close off the bar, one to hide/show the signs on all doors, and one to transform a room. There are some areas that have low lighting but I am not the best with lighting yet. There are so many area to play so I hope you have fun and I hope to put out another version with all the suggestions that you have/will give me.

Comments			:  

	After so many people where asking for the Jedi Council GC Map for jk2 brought to JA, I decided to do something about it. I decided to make my own with a Sith feel to it. IN the .ZIP file, you will find the history behind the map and maybe some inside info to the entrance of the caves. This map was created from scratch and I never edited the Jedi Council GC .map file. This map has took about a good month to get how I want it too. There are some areas that have low lighting but i am not the best with lighting yet. There are so many area to play so I hope you have fun and I hope to put out another version with all the suggestions that you have/will give me.

Credits				: 

	80% of this map is my own, 15% are idea form the Jedi Council GC map, and 5% is from my beta testers and friends. All the textures in the Sith council folder are made by Neo or me. The other textures that I have used in the map are still in their original folder from their maps. I have not edited those ones. If you think you see one of your textures in this map and u want to know if it is yours, just look in the .pk3 file and see if you see your map texture folder. I do not take credit for making any textures that are not in the Sith council folder. I have also got new models for this map that did not come with the game. I got them all at I do not take credit for these models too. Finnaly, and defiantly  not last, I have to thank my beta testers: Neo, Trinity, SoulBurn, and shin2k27 and also other people who I have asked either on MSN, in the game, or in real life. I could not of done it all on my own.

Where can u find this map on servers?

My clan Generation X (Server coming soon so dont have ip yet)and a server i admin for, Cheats Enabled (, should have this map on rotation. If you ask, I am sure they can switch to the map so i can play it.


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