Sith Docks

Jenova, you really seem to like Korriban themed maps! However, this one is more of a blend between Korriban and uh.. some docks. Which, whil...


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Jenova, you really seem to like Korriban themed maps! However, this one is more of a blend between Korriban and uh.. some docks. Which, whilst ambitious, doesn't look quite right. First off, the water. We all know JK3 default water shaders suck for the most part, so creating your own would have been a good choice here, add an environment map to make it look nicer, theres a nice tutorial HERE. Secondly, in water moving that quickly, I'd expect to get moved downstream when I fell in.. but meh. I'd also have liked it more if there had been a boat in there... ;) But enough moaning about the water.

There was quite a lot of different textures used for such a small map, which made it look a little too 'active' for a sith dock along the walls, plus there was a strange glowing symbol which came from one of the walls. It looked interesting, but I wonder why it was only happening on that one bit of wall, and more importantly, I was wondering what it actually was. *shrug* The lighting from the torches was spot-on, however the shadows they left were very square. In a map of this size you could maybe consider adding some ambient styles, such as a flicker, and compile with '-samples 3' to smooth out those shadows. :) In a dock I'd have also expected some kind of mooring devices, especially in such a fast-flowing current.

Overall the map is a good design with a nice ambiance - Jenova, you evidently have some skill with the editor, but I want to see you go that extra bit further to make a good map into a brilliant map! You obviously understand themed-architecture and enjoy playing with fire, however maybe try expanding on future maps, just to give them that little bit extra :)

New Textures: No New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (1.19MB)

re-release #4 - Old Sith Underground Docks by Jenova*Rebirth*

Re-release number 4

Installation: Place sithdocks.pk3 into your gamedata/base folder

New music: no
bot routes: yes
New texture's: no

Description : Once a proud place for the sith to train thier aprentices, it is now standing empty.
It was once used by the sith to enter via the sea which went un-noticed by the jedi for some time, 
presuming the boats entering here were merely traders. Only one jedi suspected different and investigated,
reported his findings to the jedi council and action was taken to bring this place to its knee's and wipe
the sith presence from this place. All that remains is the old docks, now used for smugglers to hide thier
stolen items but something is coming, something with more power than any sith that ever lived here.

WHO? you may ask, well you will know that only when you enter the duels and learn of your opponent.

Good luck.


Thank you and enjoy.


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