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**Note: You must type in '/devmapall zurvan2' to load the game and '/music music/sith_facility' to play the intended music.**



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**Note: You must type in '/devmapall zurvan2' to load the game and '/music music/sith_facility' to play the intended music.**

Well, it’s been a long time since I last played on a custom Single Player map for JKA! So long in fact, that I can’t even remember what map it was. Therefore I am glad to get the chance to test a new SP map out today, which is entitled; Sith Facility.

Let’s have a look at the map layout first.

As you would expect of a Single Player map, the layout is very linear, designed to take you along a set path to your ultimate showdown with the ‘boss’ at the end of the level. Along the way though, you have plenty of detail and interesting architectural features to look at which I think is a good thing in a Single Player map. Afterall, you don’t generally just want to rush straight from one end to the other as fast as possible, you want to enjoy playing the map as well. The lighting (often red) and industrial architecture of the map does indeed fit well with the theme of an ancient facility used by Dark-sider’s, and the map does have a certain feeling of foreboding because you never know when a Reborn will jump out next!

That brings me to the next point, the bad guys. There are plenty of Reborn’s throughout the map, though they only appear in pairs so you should be able to have a good duel without being overwhelmed. At the end of the map is a room in which resides the Boss Reborn. Strangely, though the rest of the Reborn’s seem to speak English, I am pretty sure that the Boss at the end is speaking in German, which is a most interesting touch.

Lastly, lets look at the things that could be improved upon.

The main thing I think is the back-story. The readme doesn’t really give you much description about the map or the story behind it. I think writing a back-story to the map would be a good touch, as it gives the map that bit extra ‘something’ which adds to the overall enjoyment. Also I think it would be good if the map was made larger and had extra routs to the main area at the end. The reason for this is to give the player some choice as to which route to take whilst still making sure the map is linear enough to make sure the player ends up in the right place.

Lastly when you get to the end and defeat the Boss Reborn, nothing happens. Personally I think it would be cool if a little message were to appear on the screen saying something like “congratulations for reaching the end of the level and defeating the Boss Reborn” or something of the sort, just add closure to the level so that you know you have reached the end and have completed the objective of the level. Oh and one more thing before I forget, there wasn’t any music for this map, so if there is a v2 of this I would definitely suggest putting some music in it, as music always adds a lot to the feel of a map!

All in all though a good map here, both in terms of the build quality and architecture, and also the fun factor, I quite enjoyed playing through the level and the different areas of the map provided interesting places to duel the resident Reborn’s. However like I said, I feel that there are some areas that could be improved upon.

In the second version, Zurvan does what he says; Add staff-wielding reborns with some cloaked, put the matching music file into the pk3 and lightened up the rooms.

Nozyspy pretty much summed the map up, but I will give my own constructive (:P) criticism, in pro-con style, as it helps.

Pro's: Everything that is supposed to work works. There are no obvious signs of texture repetition, always good. Pretty challenging(..for me atleast, I couldn't even get past the first wave without dying.. /phail :D) He made his own textures which I liked.

Con's: There is no camera use, so you just spawn from the very beginning Too many reborns. Cultist_destroyer etc would have been good additions, as they are non-saber sith and it adds variation A tad boxy. Don't get me wrong, it didn't distract me from the gameplay, but as a modeller I hate boxes ^^ The ending. You fight -npc- and even if you do not, you can still open the door I think, which says the final saying of the game.

Overall conclusion: A pretty good map and a tad challenging and, as Nozy said, it has the fun factor xD If you want to try and kill the evil -npc- then give it a shot!

Dommie Kun

New textures: Yep New sounds: Yep New music: Yep Gametype: Singleplayer

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Download 'sith_facility_2.0' (6.87MB)

Sith-Facility, Singleplayer

Author: Zurvan_Akarana
Email Address:

!!!You DON'T need version 1.0 for this!!!
Well, this is the expanded version of my Sith-Facility SP-Map! I tried to improve it based upon the review and the comments. First of all, the reborns are now supported by Reborn_staff-like enemies with the ability to cloak. 
I put a matching music file into the PK3, but unfortunetly I was unable to make the target_play_music working. In fact, you have to open the console and type "music music/sith_facility".
Somebody wasn't happy with the absence of light in some rooms. In this version, there are some rooms with more light and less red.
The last version was a bit too short, because of this I added some new (optional) rooms.
The last problem: The absence of a back-story was criticizes by the reviewer so I wrote one (That is stupid and boring as a bad fanfic):

After his rescue and recovery from the loss of his left arm, Rosh Penin (No, I'm not the greatest fan of this guy with the freaky hair and the stupid name) decided to leave the Jedi-Order because he didn't stand being bullied by the other students. After months of hanging around and several attemps to commit suicide, he remembered what Alora told him: "If you think there's nothing left to do for you in this Galaxy, concentrate on a goal that is impossible to achiev and *ZAPP* you have a new mission!" (I do not like Alora either)
Rosh took the hardest mission available: Taking over the New Republic. The Republic's intelligence knew it, but after the events from JKA nobody took him serious. A grievous error: Nearly one year after the defeat of the Ragnos cultists, Rosh is accompained by an team of Desann's Elite Reborns. But he still lacks an approppriate number of canon-fodder-troops. To extend his army, he plans to travel the Outer Rim planet Bpfassh because he got information about the Sith-Troopers of Darth Nihilus, which were conserved in Carbonit. 
It's time to stop this freaky madman by killing him once and for all. And who would be a more matching Jedi for this Mission than Jaden Korr? After getting his instructions from Master Katarn, Jaden travelled to Bpfassh and entered the ancient facility, which was build by the glorious Sith of old and is now occupied by Rosh Penin's henchmen while he is looking for the mechanism to wake the Sith Troopers from their 4000 year old slumber!

To install the map, just put the Sith_Facility.PK3 in your Gamedata/Base folder.
In the game, you have to type devmapall zurvan2.
There are no known bugs in this map, if you find some, please let me know!
Feel free to use the textures and customsounds in your own maps.
Oh, and the "Wodka Gorbatschow" advertisement in the map is just a bad joke...

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