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T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Sound’s pretty doesn’t it? Well,...


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T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Sound’s pretty doesn’t it? Well, I like that poem anyway. Not sure how the poem links with this map exactly, but it sounds cool anyway ;) Onwards we go then. :D

As you may have noticed, this is designed as a Christmas map, and I certainly can't argue that it doesn't do it's job there! Unfortunately, it's not the Christmas map it was once going to be. I believe Sith-J ran out of personal free time to create the map, so released what he'd done so far. This means the map is, whilst very pretty, also very small. You can still squeeze a small FFA on it, but there's not much to explore or do, and I thought the music could've been a bit more festive for the season! The lighting was very nice, especially the fluorescent mushrooms and little orange lamps, as was the general architecture - after what we have all come to expect from Sith-J, I'd expect no less.

But, and there is a rather big BUT, there are a few annoying bugs/style issues. Firstly there’s a fudged up spawn point which leaves you stuck into an invisible clip wall, and secondly the terrain doesn't undulate very much, even in the small forest area. :( I also think the texture for the path looks a little weird in the way it blends into the snow, but that’s a personal issue. Oh yeah, there's also some caulk brushes visible on the undersides of the archways, but nothing really serious. Finally, there’s a small area with a snowman in a glass ball. Looks nice, but doesn't really serve any practical gameplay purpose. :(

My verdict is that this is a smashing little themed-map for the season, but flawed due to the rush it was made in. Maybe just start a little earlier next year James. Or even better, finish this one off for next Christmas :D Loving that Santa flying through the sky though ;)

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (18.75MB)

        Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
        TITLE**: The map before xmas
        AUTHOR**: Sith-J-cull
        E-MAIL**: [email protected]

        FILENAME: sithj_christmas.pk3
        FILESIZE: 19 meg
        DATE RELEASED: 12 12 2005

        CREDITS**: Krischan Makowka (aka GrimReaper)  Thanks for the use of the tree models.
                               Master Yoshi for suplying me with the sparkling effect i used under the sleigh, he gave it to me as a 
                               video I then made it into a animap shader.

        INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Just place the pk3 in your base folder, and run from the mp menu.

        DESCRIPTION**: A Christmas/Disney/Time Burton theme map with a few themes, quick simple snow fun with a Disney castle
	thrown in for good measure!

        BUGS: The env map on the ice window inside the cave is reflecting the castle, and it shouldnt be I know how to fix it
	but didnt get the time to make a new envmap and shader for it.  Some places the snow still shows on the inside areas,
	There are some lighting bugs on the terrain here and ther, again things I didnt get time to really fix.

        COMMENTS: Ok this map was going to be so much more, but i just didnt get time to finesh it before xmas,
	I have kids I gotta concentrate on now hehe!  Anyway its still large enough to have a good ol guns up on,
	or perhaps the odd duel.  Some will be upset that i didnt include the insides to the castle, or the little
	village that was planned but as i said i ran out of time, perhaps next year ;)


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