Sith-J-Cull Coruscant 2008 - Teaser Video

The name Sith J Cull has become quite legendary over the years, and with good reason too. Whilst others have excelled at making fantasy them...


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The name Sith J Cull has become quite legendary over the years, and with good reason too. Whilst others have excelled at making fantasy themed maps and others have made excellent real-world themed maps, the master of the Star Wars movie-location map has always been Sith J. He has done everything from Kashyyyk to Kamino, Mustafar to the Galactic Senate and so many more other movie maps I cant even remember them all!

But then he mysteriously disappeared, and legends soon sprung up about it. Personally I always thought he might have been abducted by LucasArts because he was too good at making maps, but y’know. :P

Then he mysteriously re-appeared the other week! Now the man himself is back and in fantastic form. Due to changes in his working hours he is once again able to begin making us some more great maps. No sooner has he re-appeared than he brings us news of several new maps that he is working on! This video is a teaser trailer for one of those maps, the Coruscant Outlander Club as soon in Episode II following the speeder chase between Anakin, Obi Wan and Zam Wessel.

The video itself is well cut together, and gives you a good teaser of the map to come, without revealing too much. And that music fits fantastically too! Since Sith J is known for his ability to make maps at a fast pace (I am a snail in comparison when it comes to mapping speed) we will hopefully have this map on the site in the near future. Untill then make sure you download this vid and leave some comments! ;)

Also, Sith J wants to pass on a big hello and greetings to the rest of the community and says its great to be back.

Oh, don’t worry, I’m sure everyone is glad to have you back mate!

Be sure to also check out his Youtube Channel for more mapping goodness.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Sith-J-Cull Coruscant 2008 video teaser trailer
AUTHOR: sith-j-cull

FILENAME: myskin.pk3
FILESIZE: 425.1 kb
DATE RELEASED: 24 January 2005

CREDITS: Thanks to Mars MArshall 'NeoMarz1' for the use of his Jango player model, and to Kevin Kiner for the theme tune from the Clone Wars.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract then play in your chosen media player.

DESCRIPTION: A video of my latest JKA map sith-j-cull coruscant 2008.  Although this video only shows the outside street areas and the entrance to the outlander club.
This scene is from Star Wars Episode II following the Zam speeder chase.

COMMENTS: I have been away for a couple of years and have not released a map for ages, however due to a change in my working hours I can now get back to what I love best
mapping!!  so I plan to complete my unfineshed maps and release a 2008 mappack, however before I do so, I wanted to get sjc_coruscant out of my system, so here it is,
well a video of it anyway, dont forget this only shows a small part of the map.  Expect lots more to come..


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