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My god. How many times are people going to beat the same skin to death?;44870 http://jed...


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My god. How many times are people going to beat the same skin to death?;44870;29221;43938;45767;20592;49692

The only thing different between some of those and this one is some of those are more interesting! Honestly, how many times do we have to see a black/grey Jawa? I understand it's a first skin, but you don't have to submit it. That's like someone scultping Michelangelo's David and demanding it be put in a museum because he sculpted it. Nevermind the fact that it's already been done and we don't need another one.


This is really just the jawa completely desaturated (except for the eyes, which have been colored red). There are no team skins, no bot support, and no NPC support. Luckily it doesn't overwrite. Kudos on learning to play with the saturation tool kiddo, but please keep your skins to yourself until you come up with something unique. Or at least something that hasn't been done more than five times.

Bot Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: No NPC Support: No


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This is a Sith Jawa skin.
ItĀ“s a black Jawa with red eyes.

You must put the .pk3 in your gamedata/base folder and open the console(shift+^) and Type in "model m_jawa"

Have fun with my skin.

By Darth-Jawa skins

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