Sith Lord Clan's Cultists

Before you go "eww, clan skins!" you might want to take a look at them. Yes, they have a clan logo on them, but there are two reasons I pers...


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Before you go "eww, clan skins!" you might want to take a look at them. Yes, they have a clan logo on them, but there are two reasons I personally don't care about that: (1) they're not that noticible, (2) they're kind of cool looking, (3) they're very reminiscent of the JK2 logo, making them fit into the game quite well. Okay, so that was three. My point, though, was that if you notice the logo at all you're probably not going to care much that it's there. In fact it took me about ten minutes to realize it was even a clan logo at all, because it looks so much like the JK2 logo that my eyes didn't stop on it or notice it as something unusual.

On to the skins. If you want a personal opinion, I think they're boring skins that look really neat. I know it sounds like a contradiction of terms, but I'll explain. The boring part: they all seem to be recolors or desaturations. I hate recolors and desaturations, and the only saving grace of these is that they are (mostly) black and white, and properly done white recolors (of which this skinpack is one) look a lot better than, say, a green recolor. The neat part: a few of the skins feature a skull face. I've seen a lot of poorly done skull faces on skins, and the author here did them pretty well. I don't know where he got the skull texture from, but it somehow fits the model very well. Of course no skull is going to look perfect, since all the Raven models have noses, but these are pretty good. They do their job of making the cultists seem a little creepier.

I bet what you're wondering is do I think this skinpack is more boring or more neat? I'd have to go with the latter. It's not a skinpack I would use, but that's simply because I don't like the cultist model (and skulls scare me!), but I betcha there are plenty of you out there who'd appreciate a good fleshless cultist. ;)

Make sure to check the read-me for spawn information, since only a few of the eight included skins will be accesible via the player selection screen.

Bot Support: No NPC Support: No New Sounds: No (changed to reborn_new sounds) Team Support: Yes


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Sith Lord Clan's Cultists 

FILENAME: SLCultists.pk3 
FILESIZE: 2,376 kb 
DATE RELEASED: September 10 2006 

CREDITS: First myself, 777SL who modified the files, Lucasarts/Raven for making the original ones And SithLordsClan for The SL Logo Visit us @!!!!

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Open or unzip, Place SLCultists.pk3 in :\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base (All other files can be discarded after installation)

DESCRIPTION: -This file is 8 re-skins of the Cultist skin because i dont think they look mean, tough, or badd*ss enough. Plus they sound like wussies.
	     -This **DOES NOT** Replace Default Cultists Skins.
	     -Includes 4 selectable skins: Black, White w/black straps, Red, and Blue
	     -Includes 4 hidden Skins: White w/ White straps, Black w/ SkullFace, White w/ White Straps + SkullFace, and My Personal Cultist Skin.
	     -Sounds are replaced by The New Reborn Sounds
	     -All Skins Come With Icons
	     -Console codes for the 4 hidden skins: All White 	 	= /Model SLC/white
						    All white w/ Skull  = /Model SLC/whiteskull
						    Black w/ Skull      = /Model SLC/blackskull
						    My Personal Skin    = /Model SLC/7

COMMENTS: My First Skin. ***This **DOES NOT** Replace Default Cultists Skins.***


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