Sith Saber Return

31, yes 31 sabers in a single pack and the PK3 is only 2.2mb!

First thing I'll do is quote the extra readme (not the readme itself): [qu...


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31, yes 31 sabers in a single pack and the PK3 is only 2.2mb!

First thing I'll do is quote the extra readme (not the readme itself):

Well getting ideas was deffinately the hard part. I ran out of ideas fast. So some of the sabers will be more plain then others. But then some people like the plain ones better then the complex ones. I tried to appeal to all kinds of people by making sabers that had different styles and looks. Almost all sabers are dark in color and look best with a red or blue blade in my opinion. You will see similarities from sabers that already exist. Like Exar Kun, Darth Bane, Darth Vader, The Palpatine Clones...And you will find shapes from things in the world around us. Some sabers are more menacing then others. I tried to provide the player with a range of "evilness" to choose from. There are sabers for 3 kinds of mods and such: JediMOD, ForceMOD, and AcademyMOD. So that means there double and single bladed sabers, and sabers made to be used two-at-a-time aka dual saber mods. You can tell which are which pretty much. The single bladed sabers are about regular saber length. And have an emitter on one end. The double bladed sabers are usually symetric with an emmitter housing on each end. An emmitter housing is the part that houses the saber blade emmiter. It can be decorated with spides, fins, or anything you can imagin. The double bladed sabers are usually longer then single bladed sabers. Then there are the dual sabers which are made for one hand. Some will be shorter then the single and double bladed sabers, but may be both single or double bladed.

It is rather an amazing pack, such variety that everyone should be able to find something to their taste. There are plain blades in here for those who like simplicity, then there are blades that look like somthing you'd see in an S&M shop! The blades are majorly black and grey in color but of course have variety, there is even one with that looks like wood as the handle, how very different!

There are so many blades here I think you can forgive the guy for not including custom sounds, it would be a nice touch but after all this modelling, it's not something to worry about!

I await the first person saying the entire pack is bad...there really should be something for everyone here!


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                Lord Hatrus


          .:Sith Saber Return:.


                Lord Hatrus'
             Private Collection

Main Author: [RoAR]Lord_Hatrus AKA Lord Hatrus
Author's Email: is now [email protected]

Other Authors: Listed Below

Beta Testers: Myself.

Type: MP Custom Skins/Models Works on SP, 1st and 3rd person views, and 

Model Time: Too Long to Remember
Polycount: Some models are over 8,000 polys
Triangles: Didnt Bother To Add Them All Up

Ideas by: Myself Also [RoaR]o_O NeWaGe and {SITH}DarthTyranus

Built for: First of my origional  'Sith Sabers'

Origional Model: New but a few use the Kyle Saber model

Specs: There were some

Notes: None

Comments: None

Description: A bundle of Sith Sabers for use in JKO and JKA.
Here is each saber's Name. For JkA, the saber's name will be in the saber 
selection boxes. Be sure to look in both single and two-handed saber boxes 
to see all of the sabers! There are 31 sabers total:

Single Sabers:       Author:

T-900 Model          by Lord Hatrus
Drifter Series       by Lord Hatrus
Dragon's Wing        by Lord Hatrus
Black Widow          by Lord Hatrus
Reptillus            by Lord Hatrus
Trainer              by Lord Hatrus
Trainer 2            by Lord Hatrus
Palpatine Clone      by Lord Hatrus
Spur                 by Lord Hatrus
Exar Bane            by Lord Hatrus
Spike                by Lord Hatrus
Jawbone              by Lord Hatrus
Sceptor              by Lord Hatrus
Exar Khun Single     by Lord Hatrus
Lord vader           by SithLordII
Lord Dessan          by Raven Software
Lord Tyranus         by MonkeyKungFu
Sith Sceptor         by Raven Software
Energy Shield        by Lord Hatrus

Staff Sabers:        Author:

Raptor's Claw        by Lord Hatrus
Tri-Blade            by Lord Hatrus
Spike, Jr.           by Lord Hatrus
Tri-Blade, Jr.       by Lord Hatrus
Industry             by Lord Hatrus
Gear                 by Lord Hatrus
Palpatine Clone DB   by Lord Hatrus
Trainer DB           by Lord Hatrus
Demon                by Lord Hatrus
Exar Extendo         by Lord Hatrus
Exar Khun            by Lord Hatrus
Lord Maul            by Vent Gala

Feel Free To Come Play With These On The RoAR Clan Server!!
Installation and Uninstallation:


Simply extract/place the .pk3 file of your choice in your gamedata/base 
directory, and run the game!


Simply remove/delete the .pk3 file from your gamedata/base directory
Special Thanks:

[ROAR] Clan for being my test subjects, lol, and supporting my 
rehibilitation into JK2.
=Darth= Clan for the support they gave to get my modding in the first place!
JK2Files for letting me serve on their wonderful site long, long ago!
LucasArts and Raven for creating such a terrific game!


My Personal JK2 Guru, DoF_Blackwolf for unlimited help and patience
teaching me about modeling, skinning, and proper usage of software.
Check out his Armored Kyle skins if you havent. This is the man that
got me started on this stuff long ago, that now is my professional
career that I work in! Thanks Guru Wolf for everything!
Conditions of use and distribution:

Feel free to distribute this file as long as you do it:
a) Free of charge
b) With ALL of the files included, including this readme and the origional.

NOTE: I've seen some of my work used in other ppl's mods and releases.
That's perfectly ok with me, but I require credit! My name or this readme
is sufficient. Thx.

I am not responsible for anything these files may do to your computer.
Use at your own risk.



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