Sith Scepter

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Now, I have to say that I really liked Tavion in JKA. She had something she didn't have in JK2. Maybe it has to do with that scepter she has. It just screams authority, y'know? While I liked the scepter when she was carrying it, I really don't like it here, made available for anyone to use. The scepter was never made to be a saber - and especially not a saber like this. It's impossibly long and unwieldy. I don't know how anyone can walk around with something that big in their hand, let alone play with it!

Making the scepter into a saber was a good idea, but for goodness' sake, make the saber smaller. What's the point of fighting with a saber like that? Just one sweep of your scepter and everyone's dead. Bah. (Okay, I didn't test that, so maybe that won't happen - but still!) I just think this is ridiculously long and it's pointless to play with a saber like this.




Readme File:

Title : Sith_scepter
Author : Andreas Hagen
E-Mail : [email protected]
File Name : scepter.zip

Description : The sith-scepter of Tavion selectable as saber hilt in mp-games. The super long blade makes this weapon very dangerous.
              This file won't replace one of the other sabers.

Installation : Extract scepter.pk3 to the \gamedata\base directory under your Jedi Academy game directory.

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