Sith Valley

Ah, SP maps... I've already expressed my personal feelings on them, so I will spare you all from hearing it again. Needless to say, though,...


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File Description

Ah, SP maps... I've already expressed my personal feelings on them, so I will spare you all from hearing it again. Needless to say, though, I have a SP map for you all!

First thing I noticed after loading up this file the way the readme describes is that it's more than just a simple SP map. The main menu has been changed. It now features a shot of the level with the title at the top. Upon clicking the new game button, I found that I couldn't choose a difficulty. A minor annoyance. It was nice to see the camerawork at the start of the level, but it felt a little jerky. It did it's job, though, which was to point out where to go.

The overall layout of the level is pretty good. Items and enemies are well placed from what I have played of the level. It starts out easy enough, and seems to get more difficult as you go along. There's some cool secret areas around, and some puzzles that a skilled jedi should be able to get through without too many problems. The only problem I ran into is that once I got to what I think was the area shown in the opening cutscene, nothing happens. After wandering around for a little bit, I just gave up. I'm not sure exactly if I was just missing something, or if there isn't a proper end to the level, though.

There's no voice acting to it, and almost no plot to the level, but it is still a fun and well-built level to run around and play in. I would recommend a download to those who still play SP.


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Title			: Sith Valley
Author			: May Michael
E-Mail			:
Website			: n/a

File Name		:
File Size		: 4.0 megs
Construction time	: about three month
Design Computer		: P4 1700 , 512MB Ram, Geforce 4 FX5200 Ultra 128MB
Date Released		: 27.08.2004
Type			: Single Player
Difficulty Setting 	: NO
Tester(s)		: Andrea (Chaos) May

New Music		: NO
Scripting		: YES
New Skins		: NO
New Models		: NO
Custom Textures		: NO
Custom Shaders		: YES

Map Info:
Total Brushes		: 7742
Total Entities		: 1079
Secret Areas		: 5

Marka Ragnos was not the only Dark Jedi which had experimented with the force. So we heard about a rumour that an other lesser well-known Sith was able to build a weapon like the Ragnos Scepter too. Is this story true so we have to found it before somebody wronge can may use it.
Your mission will be to find out this weapon exist or not. For this you have to travel back to the Sith world Korriban. If you find the Scepter so bring it to Yavin for safety.

Unzip straight into your Gamedata folder (not in the base directory). The unzipping will create a subfolder called 'sith_valley' containing the necessary files. After this launch the Star Wars Jedi Academy SP normally, selecting and loading the Mod &quot;Sith Valley&quot; in the SETUP/MODS menus.
And may the Force be with you.

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