Why is it that nine times out of ten, Sith themed maps use Korriban textures? It gets a bit repetitive after a while... Ah well, moving on.....


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Why is it that nine times out of ten, Sith themed maps use Korriban textures? It gets a bit repetitive after a while... Ah well, moving on...

This map is a small one, featuring indoor and outdoor dueling areas. I felt that the outdoor area was too small. There was an invisible ceiling that was far too low, and the 'walls' were too close together, making it seem like the area was little more than an open room. On the inside is a small room with halls that lead to a bigger dueling room.

Though it has a number of guns in it, I felt that this map would not be a good choice for gun fights. There weren't any real places to take cover, leaving you a sitting duck. The areas besides the dueling room seemed a bit pointless, as they were too closed in for any decent combat, and offered little visually. The lighting could use some work, to make it seem more realistic. A few fires lit in holes in the walls shouldn't generate the amount and quality of light seen in this map. Last, but not least, the switches to open the doors to the duel room could be a bit more obvious. I missed them completely when I first ran down the hall to see where it led.

It isn't that bad for a duel map, but it could use some work if it should become more than that. Give it a download if you like it!


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Jedi Knight Jedi Academy JK3
Name: Andaconda

Size: 940 KB (1.09 MB)
Instalation Instructions: Unzip the .PK3 file and put it in the base folder

contrustion time: 2 days (All day, Day 1 9:30 AM to 12:00 AM Day 2 11:00 AM 2:00 PM)

Credits: I would like to give credit to ravensoft who supplied the jk textures and Saphire Who helped 
Fix the error: Map  has no nodes!

Date release: Sunday, March 09 2008

Description: This is a Small FFA and Duel map it has a small outside area and a big arena it has all
the guns for FFA combat.

Bugs: There are no known bugs (as far as i can see)
if you see any bugs in my map please email me.



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