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A dark pack of melee weapons approaches the throne.. Unfortunately, whilst in design they're pretty cool, its the technical aspect...


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A dark pack of melee weapons approaches the throne..

Unfortunately, whilst in design they're pretty cool, its the technical aspects that really take this pack down. I'll cover the aspects of the pack in a more sweeping broad sense here.

- Model: Generally, most of the weapons are pretty exquisitely modeled. The mace looks like it came straight from a Gmax tutorial, albeit it stills looks decent. The main bugger here was scaling. Some weapons were WAY too huge. Yes, while the weapons may be intended to be large, but there's a point when it gets ridiculous when your weapon clips through the hands of the model you're using. Some of the weapons may actually be a little small, I.E. the staff weapons seem a tad small. I think the only one that I can say is actually the worst general offender would be the machete, model-wise. Not only is the machete kinda blunt looking, it's much too large. Feels like a giant butter knife =_o

- Texture: Textures on a majority of the weapons weren't exactly top notch. Well okay, perhaps not exactly the majority. The Avenger Sword, and the two green weapons in the second screenshot made it through alright. The others, however, not so much. The mace is probably the biggest offender just because it has such a long wooden shaft, so you can tell how ..."cartoonish?" the textures seem. =_o The Frozen Rage sword's hilt was very flat textured, feeling very much like a decal versus a texture. The frost staff I was kinda iffy on, but I think it passed well enough on the texture radar.

- Shading: Shading was probably this pack's strong pack. A good fraction of the weapons used shaded effects on them. Generally, I think the shader work was pulled off pretty well. Definitely a plus for this pack.

- Sound & .sab Work: Well, sounds were pretty generic, but worked well enough. Now some suggested additions in the .sab. I pretty much have only one thing....bounceonwalls 1 . Definitely could use some wall bouncing, especially if you're gonna keep that huge ass mace. Otherwise, not bad work in this sector. Hard to get it wrong though unless you're starting from scratch >_> *never does*

**Note: If you did not know, you must enable Dynamic Glow if you wish to see the glows around the swords. I advise it to be done with Double Blade of Frozen Wrath, as it looks plain without it.**

This is an updated version of Sithmaster555's weapon mod. If you read the readme, you will see that he has fixed/edited/remade (:P) most of the weapons, (that includes textures) problems with the mace are now fixed and has been given a strong blade style. The swords now all push yourself back when hit into a wall and there is an update with the machete.

These, in my opinion, look a lot better and have been improved quite well. I like the redo of the Mace mostly. Like the previous version, the shaders really add to it and improve it.

Likes: Everything ;)

Overall, I think this is a great weapon pack and is worth the download. I'll be keeping this in my base folder. Good job, sm555

Dommie Kun

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy modification

TITLE--: Sithmaster555's Weapon mod V1.2
AUTHOR--: SithMasteR555

FILENAME: sm555_weaponmodv1.2.pk3

CREDITS: Ravensoft for the JK games and adobe for adobe photoshop. And discreet for 3ds max.

How to install: Put the awesome file named sm555_weaponmodv1.2.pk3 in your base folder.

DESCRIPTION: 7 Weapons that I made.
Some of the weapons glow now.
I fixed/edited/remade most of the weapons.
You can now wield the mace in peace.
Also, I fixed so that all of my weapons bounce on walls.
And finally, I fixed so that the machete got fast bladestyle only, and
the mace got strong bladestyle.

Stormtroopers may NOT like to be chopped up with a machete or being crushed by a mace.
Keep away from Imperials.
Don't point it at your own face.
Don't lick the ice on "Frozen Rage", your tongue will freeze, then followed by death.
Don't fart on "Fangs of the Cobra", a nuclear reaction explosion will be triggered.
Do NOT sit on the mace... it will hurt you badly, and you will not be able to
sit in two weeks. <--- lolwut

BUGS: IDK if the glow thing works in MP. Maybe it&apos;s just me though :/


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