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I know a lot of people don’t like clan maps, perhaps because a lot of the time, they are full of logos and insignias advertising the particu...


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I know a lot of people don’t like clan maps, perhaps because a lot of the time, they are full of logos and insignias advertising the particular clan it was made for. That can be kinda annoying when they’re plastered all over the walls! However you do get quite a few clan maps that don’t have many, if any clan logos in them. These are much more practical for other people, because anyone can play them without being constantly confronted by clan insignias every time they enter a room!

This is one of those maps where there aren’t any clan logos in the map, which is cool, because anyone can use it :D

The layout of the map isn’t too bad, there’s everything here that you would expect from a clan map, a Council Room, Dueling Rooms and a Bar too, among other things. Probably my favourite area was the Jail and Rancor Pit though. The jail consists of some glass cells (toughened glass I hope!) that you can keep your prisoners in. But there’s also a big view screen on the wall where you can actually see what’s happening in the Rancor Pit! There’s also a handy button to spawn a Rancor on the wall too ;) What do you feed the Rancor I hear you ask? Well anyone who is giving you trouble! :P Because there is also a lift there where you can put someone to be taken down to the Rancor Pit, once he’s in there, spawn a Rancor, and watch the action on the viewscreen! ;)

Another area I liked was the Mercenary Battle area accessible from the Bar. There’s two fort like things, one on either end, defended by some emplaced turrets which can be used. When you have had a good battle then you can retire to the Bar next door for some refreshing drinks!

The architecture of the map was pretty good, but it was a bit simple really. I suppose that’s good for FPS, but it would have been nice if there was more detailing in the map. Maybe some more things like pillars along the walls or maybe some pipes or crates here and there.

One thing I thought went well with the map is the music! KotOR music is great, and the music here fits just right with the academy theme of the map I think. ;)

One thing I think could be improved upon though was the doors. Doors that you have to press the use button on to open are ok, but they can get a bit annoying after while, because I always walk into the door expecting it to open…and then it doesn’t. Thank goodness I can’t feel pain from my character! The main thing on this map though was that when you press the use button on the door, if you hold it down too long or press it accidentally again, the door opens and closes very rapidly. What you need is to delay the triggering of the door, so the door can’t open and close quickly if you hold the use button down too long.

To do this, go into Radiant and select your func_door, then press the N key to get the entity window up. Then put in the Key part: delay and in the Value part: However many seconds you want the door to wait before it moves.

It could also do with some bot support, if you want to know how to do bot routing, check this tutorial out: http://jediknight2.filefront.com/info/BotWaypointTutorial

I know it says it’s for JK2 but it does work for JKA too.

Other than that, a nice academy themed map here. I look forward to seeing more work from this author!

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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Download 'sjo_training_sacrificexss_map.zip' (9.26MB)

Author: Sacrificexss

Description: This is a map that is made for the [SJO] clan but has no signs of it in the actual map so everyone can play. It has many rooms= 2 duels, bar, npc room, merc war room, council room, jail, rancor pit, and dorms.

Credits: my beta testers= loda, nozyspy, pill, brodie, others to that are in sjo. {nozyspy is not :)} and also MYSELF lol :).

Install: extract this pk3 to your gamedata/base folder and chose the map name from the selction screen in game

To play with: for ja+ do ammap sjotraining or on regular server devmap or map sjotraining.


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