And just when I thought I was done, I surprise myself and DO A SKIN PACK. IS THERE ANYTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY I WON'T DO?! =_= the answe...


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And just when I thought I was done, I surprise myself and DO A SKIN PACK. IS THERE ANYTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY I WON'T DO?! =_= the answer is: three-toed sloth

And today upon the daily altar offerings, we receive a pack of not 1, but 4 skins. In totality, there is actually 5, but I chose not to count the version with the shader of malevolence. Today, we are brought:

- Jan_A - One of two jan skins. This consists of a jan with all white clothing, a necklace adorning her slender neck, and a weird block popping out of her chest. Now you might be thinking: "Oh dear, what could that atrocity possibly be? I don't think it should be there!" and I understand. The author simply had problems surfing off Jan's accessories. That's probably one of the few downers on this skin. The other is the rather iffy blending of the ill-textured part and the textured part of the pants. For those of you who have skinned jan, you know that Raven was lazy when it came to skinning the pants below her chaps. As you can tell, the author wasn't that successful on fixing it. Not that big of a problem, but it shows.

- Jan_B - The second (and slightly sexually appealing) of the two jan skins, Jan now has what looks like an outfit from the twi'lek wardrobe going on. Whatever the inspiration, the author ran into the same problem he did with Jan_A with the accessories. the block sticks out much more obviously on that skin than it would on the other. Also, the skin textures on the thighs do not match. =_O you ruined a perfectly good pair of thighs with that one. *takes the author's food supply*

- Ran_Sabot - This one is probably the most unimaginative as not much was touched upon this skin of patheticrocity. The face was redone slightly, voice changed to Kyle, and not too much else. Tobe Musabe could teach you a thing about skinning Imperial Saboteurs he could =_o

- Reborn_BW & 2 - this one is probably the strangest one, yet it is much more intriguing with the shader. A reborn reskin, we have black all over with white lines decorated along the clothes and a white scar on the featureless face along with a "NJO" text on the wrist. Sad? nay, it's not bad at all. Reborn_BW2 adds a shader to give an aura of total lightning about him. Rather thoughtful of him on his part to include a shaderless and a shadered version. I THINK YOU SHOULD GIVE HIM A HUG AND A FOOD ITEM OF HIS CHOICE! =_O

Overall, a slightly average pack, but it could appeal to enough eyes to be downloaded. Sounds probably would have best improved this pack overall. Team support wouldn't hurt either I suppose.

DOES IT APPEAL TO YOUR EYES?! IF SO THEN, *shoves your face into the screen* CLICK ON THE BUTTON =_O!

Bot Support:Nay NPC Support:Nay New Sounds:Nay Team Support:Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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// skinpack_3 by Ranius

Title: skinpack_3
Author: Ranius

File Name: skinpack_3
File Size: 2.8 Mb

i'd like to thank all my mates
from (especially Assasin) for
getting me back into the skinning. also, everybody at 

DESCRIPTION: this pack includes 6 skins. 1 reborn +1 that's the same but shadered, a saboteur and two jan skins.
-no real changes to the saboteur.. was my seckond skin when i reentered the buissness  a couple of days ago..
-reborns: one's just a quick patch up, the other is a shadered version of the patch-up.
-the white jan skin was not very hard to paint, the tough part was getting her vest off.
-the black jan skin is - sadly - not as i imagined it, but somehow i cannot make her belt
and goggles dissapear without making her hand dissapear aswell. while i though that a small price i also figured the clients
would rather have a jan with a hand than without goggles.

DE/INSTALLATION: put the pk3 in you gamedata/base folder, and delete it after you're fed up with it.

bugs: if you count out that one of the jan skins works like it's having a day off, there's nothing i can think of at the moment.


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