Sky Platform Duel

This map has no costum textures, or bot support. It was made for Duel but it can be used for a small ffa.It is bassicly made out of platform...


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This map has no costum textures, or bot support. It was made for Duel but it can be used for a small ffa.It is bassicly made out of platforms.

Well first thing I notice is that the platforms are very small. You don't have alot of room to fight. which will probably make it very tricky to duel.Now when you look down you can see the end of the platforms which I think should have been hidden with fog. Now when you actually Jump down. You actually stand on the skybox/bottom for a while before you die.which is rather dissapointing. Now the rain is very nicely done and the sounds give it a special feel. when you look around you don't see any glitches on the skybox it runs smooth.when on some maps you can see its a box. So that is a good thing.

For those hardcore Duelists amongst us this would be a good training spot. But I don't think this will be very usefull for the average person.


Botsupport: No New Textures: No New Music/Sounds: Yes Game Types: Duel, Small FFA

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==JEDI KNIGHT MAP PACK=======================================

General Information

File Name		: duel_platform.pk3
Description		: Sky Platform Duel
Version		: Version 1.0
Author(s)		: EXO Trident, New Corporate Sector Authority
Date of Release	: June 30 2004
Support Email	: [email protected]
Website		:

Thanks to all of you who helped me make my first map.
Thanks to Duga for the screenshots.

Why I made this map?
This was my first attempt at making a map.  It's not much, just learning how to do differnt things.	  Being a long time X-wing Series editor, I was quite proud of this first map of mine.  It's nothing fancy, but gives a good ground to duel on, or FFA on (the only two modes it supports).  Let me know what you think of it, and how I could improve it.  ::NOR:: (Nod Of Respect)	

Installation Infomration
To Install		: Put the duel_platform.pk3 into your Jedi Academy base directory
To Uninstall	: Remove the duel_platform.pk3 from your Jedi Academy base directory

Technical Information

Development machine	: Athalon 1.7+, 512 MB RAM, Gforce 4 TI-4200

Editor(s) used		: GGtkRadiant 1.3.12, Winzip, Notepad

Known Bugs		: None as of this Readme.

Play Information

JA Version required	: Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy (Latest patch)

New Textures		: No
New Models		: No
New Objects		: No
New Sounds		: Yes
New Animations		: No

nCSA Legal Information

These definitions apply to the terms used in the following statements. The nCSA is the New 
Corporate Sector Authority, the online star wars fan club and all of its subdivisions. A 
patch is a modification to a game in the form of byte changes, new files, or other 

The nCSA is a non-profit public Star Wars fan organization, dedicated to the editing of LEC 
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* Copyright / Permissions *


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