Skybox 4-Pack #1



Want a skybox? Don't want your own? This pack contains four pre-made skybox image sets. It includes only the images, however -- no sample map, no shader, no example images even, so this may be a little less accessible to less experienced mappers, despite a short skybox shader tutorial that is included.

The skyboxes themselves, from the individual images, look pretty decent. They are a bit odd in their visuals, making them a good choice for folks who find that the default included skyboxes don't fit their map's style. However if you don't consider yourself a shader whiz, or if you've never even seen a shader before, I kind of doubt these skyboxes will seem to be viable options for you. The author may want to consider this in the future if he plans to release any more skybox packs.




I guess this came from a sudden urge to make something the community could use to lighten
their workload.  This is a compilation of skyboxes, in 1024x1024 and 2048x2048.  If you want
bigger, email me at [email protected], but I dont think there would be a point to going
bigger than 2048...Even 2048 shouldnt be used most of the time.  Each of the skyboxes here
are rendered at the said resolution, not resized.  Some are better quality than others, but
I hope theres something for everyone here.  I do not take credit for these, you can all have
them, but no one can claim them for his or her own, they are for the community as a whole.
I might do another pack, depending on how long this one takes and how much people use them.
I cannot do everything however, as you will put these in your own textures folder, probably
rename them, and I cannot write a shader that you will not need to modify, so I included
the templates, one with a sun shader and one without.

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