This map is a medium-sized free-for-all map consisting of the main are, which does fit in with the map name (it does fit the definition of a...


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This map is a medium-sized free-for-all map consisting of the main are, which does fit in with the map name (it does fit the definition of a coliseum), along with a section on either end for spectating, one of which is very straight-forward and the other which requires you to find a hidden door.

The layout of the map, while lacking obstacles that might provide for more interesting gameplay, does seem designed for fighting whilst clan members watch the action, either from the stands surrounding the arena or from the booths on either side. My biggest qualms with this map come from two main areas: lighting and texturing. The lighting, while there is some, is unrealistic. The area seems to be lit by maybe a half-dozen of those Korriban chandelier things. Now I'm sure we've all seen fire. Fire does not produce enough light to illuminate that whole area with such a small amount of sources. As such, the whole area is much too bright when compared with the amount of light sources -- either the sources need to go up or the illumination needs to go down. I'd be partial to a combination therein as I believe it would give the whole map a much nicer ambiance and feel if it were a little darker.

The other thing I mentioned was texturing. This map suffers from Korriban syndrome. That is it uses what seems to be all Korriban textures, but stylistically doesn't seem like Korriban at all. Plus I'm thinking a lot of you will agree with me when I say that Korriban is the most overused texture set... well, maybe second right after Bespin. In any case I think a mixture of texture sets -- or some custom textures even -- could help break up some of the monotony of this map.

I didn't mention architecture as being one of my 'two big qualms', but I would like to mention that it's a bit straightforward and could do with some flair. However I'd say it's alright as it is -- functional, if a bit bland. Overall though this is a pretty solid map and for a clan map it doesn't have tags on every other wall so that'll help with its playability with non-clan members. I think for the author's benefit I'll mention that there's a small caulking bug at the 'secret door' which he might want to fix. Don't look up when you find the door. ;)

Bot Support: Yes New Models: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No


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February 18 2008
Map Name : Sith Lords Clan Coliseum
Author : RevanSL
Email Address : [email protected]
Map description : This is the Coliseum part of what will be a large clan map for the Sith Lords Clan. It is a rather basic FFA map because I just started to map about 4 days ago. There is a skin(RevanSL_v3) included in this map file because there is an NPC spawner that points to that npc and I didn't want anyone lagging off any servers because they didn't have that model. As far as textures go I used all in game textures mainly Korriban, there are a few custom textures. I must give credit to Octavious for making the banners.

Credits for Skin: Ok I have to give credit to Dark_cuillere(readme1_skin.txt) for making a reskin of HapSlash's model obi-wan kenobi(readme3_skin.txt) turning it into General Kenobi_V2, which is what i reskined. Also i must credit BeakerBongload for letting me use the chest plate from his BlackHoletrooper skin.(readme2_skin.txt)
* Play Information *

New Sounds :NO
New Skins :NO
New Objects :NO

* Construction *
Brush Count : <547 Bruches>
Entity Count : <254 Entities>
Software used : gtk Radiant 1..0, pakscape
Known Bugs : none
Build Time : 3-4 days
Botroutes : Yes - only for lower arena area.

* How to use this map *

place SL_coliseum.pk3 into your gamedata/base folder

* Copyright / Permissions *

Please do not modify this map at all without giving credit.


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