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Behold, for the one known as Octavius has updated his skin.

Before I prepare to spread my vile word upon this:

Prepare yourselv...


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Behold, for the one known as Octavius has updated his skin.

Before I prepare to spread my vile word upon this:

Prepare yourselves for a HS Anakin re-skin to suit the needs of a sith!

Ok so what we have here is, a simple re-skin of Hapslash's Anakin model with a good sith like look about him. We got two versions here, a hooded version, and an un-cloaked version. The un-cloaked version is in the red team skin version (not sure why) and the hooded version is in the default section of the profile selection screen, icons provided. To put it simply i don't see a lot of change here. The author states that he has made changes on the torso, boots, arms and face. While these changes are noticeable, they don't strike me as significant. However, that doesnt mean its a bad skin.

Its obvious by the clothing that this skin has the correct appearance and qualities of a sith, but it just doesn't do it for me, besides I'm more of a Jedi person. I'm sure some of you will dis-agree but i think more could of been done to this to add a more sith like feel about the skin. Its on the right tracks though, and I'm sure with a little more time spent on this skin, it could reach its potential. By the screenshots and readme you can tell what has been changed and what colors and so on are used, so ill leave that to you for inspection.

Sounds are a mixture of the original sounds found with this model, and some reborn sounds have been thrown in as well.

Not a bad skin, but my advice for next time is to try and be a little more original and unique with your ability's, so you can get a more creative skin. I suggest giving this download if your a Sith person and you like what you see.

Personally, I never found anything wrong with tweaking a skin just to suit your needs. I'll admit, I use a tweaked Anakin skin myself, as its the remotely closest I can get to bringing my true form into existence. Since the last skin, Octavius has switched out robes to a battle worn variant, and changed up the clan logo. Sound-wise, I believe he told me he was going to change them, but I didn't get any changes.

My only qualm is the execution of the directory here. You see, there are two whole skins in here, in a sense that they have models/players/octavius(2 for the second). There are two seperate sound directories, containing the same instances. The result is added wasted space, methinks. I also feel it be sloppy. A sounds.cfg and another .skin would make it much smaller. However, I suspect a new version may be coming soon anyway.

An overall decent improvement. I just suppose the only thing left to do is probably figure out some ways to make it more creatively flared. I'd suggest maybe modifying the head in some way.


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- Averus Retruthan

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Download '' (3.72MB)

-={OcTavius}=- Sith Lords Clan Skin

Version 2 changes -  

-I made the Robed and the Robless 2 different skins, 

-I changed the clan logo on his arms and 
made them smaller,i thought the sharper corners looked more aggressive. And no one likes huge clan logos. 

-The scare in-game didnt show up under the eye so i tried to fix that. 

-Made the Hair Darker. 

-The robles skin is now a battle one, no jedi/sith duels with their robe on so the robed skin is out of battle, and the 
robless i made look more battle worn. 

I used HapSlash's Anakins Skin as a model. I changed the torso, the boots, the arms, Made the right arm 
and left arm the same, and the face a little bit by making the scar bigger and moving it to the middle of the eye. 
I also edited a few of the sounds. I had to make a few new spec files also. 
	Beakerbongload help me along the way telling me how to do shading. 

yes i did use hapslash's textures. 

To install use winzip or a program that does the same thing, and Extract this into your Gamedata/base folder

Here it is, all done and ready to kill.

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