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My review of the first version of this saber mod: It would probably be more fair to the author of saber mods if I didn't review...


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My review of the first version of this saber mod:

It would probably be more fair to the author of saber mods if I didn't review them. I seem a bit biased when it comes to the saber sounds. I have yet to test a saber mod with sounds that I like. For some reason, the sounds included with most saber mods are just too jarring for me. In this mod, some of the sounds I actually like, but there are too many still that grate on my nerves. It's not just sounds that are changed here though. The author has shrunk the size of the core here. The slimmer look of the saber sort of has the same effect as underlining a word. It makes the saber stand out. I really like how it works with the green, purple (er, magenta, sorry), and yellow saber. They really pop. The others, however, just seem to have too much glow to really make a difference.

If you're looking for a new saber mod for JKA, this one is worth a shot. There are a ton of new sounds and they just might tickle your fancy. Nice work here, Kwo-Ton.

I'll start with the sabers. The core is now much, much slimmer and the glow is much bigger and kinda fuzzier. I suppose my comment about the saber being magenta instead of purple inspired the author to make the saber much more like purple. LOL Lemme explain that real quick. I didn't say that it looked magenta because I thought it looked too pink. I got into an argument with Shroom about what color the default "purple" color was. He said it was magenta. I said it was purple. He actually took a screenshot in the server, sampled the color from the core (not the glow ... b/c the color would've been different from the lights in the map) and proved to me that it is, indeed, magenta. So I just give him a hard time about that now. ;) In any case, I like this purple much better. That's definitely not magenta. With the strong glow, the sabers that really show the core are just the green and red ones.

Some of the sounds have been switched back to default and some of the new one remained. I thought the sounds were quite subtle. I didn't like them or dislike them really - I just didn't notice them at all. So is this a good update? I suppose. Not a whole lot has changed. But if the hum from the previous mod was annoying you - that's gone from this version, so you might want to download this now. :)


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Kwo-Ton's Sleek Sabers MOD V2
Type: Weapons Moderation Package
Installation instructions:

Just put it in your Gamedata/Base folder, wont work anywhere else.
Ive recompiled some new sounds, and kept a few old ones. The saber Hum was returned to defaults, they where kinda annyoing.
The Saber Blade itself was made ALOT thinner, while the glows made thicker.
Blue: Dulled out, to make it look abit better.
Green: Added more color to it, make it more movie wise.
Orange: Made this fuller to, looks more like a deep orange now.
Purple: Redone for V2, This ACTUALY looks purple now, instead of pinkish, like in V1 and the defaults.
Red: Returned to default for V2, with a few tweaks in color and size. V1 looked to orange.
Developer Info:
Made by: Kwo-Ton
E-Mail: [email protected] OR [email protected]
Special Credits:
I Edited some the images and sounds from  my computer like from old JKII files, so I give very special Thanks the creators of any of these graphics or sounds(im not sure who you are, there where no names)(if any).

V2 only took me half a day, I just needed to redo some sounds and GFX :-)

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