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Have you ever asked yourself what a Kel Dor really sounds like? If you played the single player game through as a Kel Dor, you probably didn...


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Have you ever asked yourself what a Kel Dor really sounds like? If you played the single player game through as a Kel Dor, you probably didn't even think about his voice - and that he sounded remarkably human. Same with the Rodian. But we've all heard how a Rodian talks - it's not human at all! So why didn't Raven adjust the voices for the races? Well, who knows - probably too much work. So, Wes Janson here, took the time to tweak the male human voice and make it more suitable for the Rodian and Kel Dor. He also included a slightly deeper version of the female voice for the Twi'lek and Zabrak.

When I first heard the Rodian's voice, it seemed a bit too different - like it might distract me from the game itself. Maybe that's why Raven didn't change the voices. But, possibly after a bit of playing, you'll get accustomed to the higher pitched and very alien sound to this voice. The Kel Dor, with an equally alien sounding voice, is just the opposite of the Rodian's voice. It's lower pitched and even slower. In my opinion, this voice is the least convincing. But again, you may grow accustomed to the unnatural sound of the voice while you're playing the game. :) The non-human female voice has such a subtle change that there's almost nothing to say about it. It's simply deeper.

The great thing about these voice changes is that it isn't just for the sounds that they make, like the grunts and whatnot, but every cutscene and in-game dialogue. The author was quite thorough with his work. :) Great work and wonderful readme. There aren't many authors who put so much time into a good readme with clear instructions.

Not sure if you want to download this file and replace the voices because of the daunting file size? The author has included some mp3 samples of each voice for you to try out first. :)

Kel Dor


Alternate Female


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SMR-TI's JK3 Vocal Enhancement Set (English)


Author:	Wes Janson of SMR-TI
Size:	13.4 MB
URL:	http:\


The JK3 Vocal Enhancement Set (VES) modifies the single player male
and female actors into something that resembles the non-human avatars
that are available for selection. These include Kel Dor and Rodian for
the male actor, and a slightly lower-keyed female voice that better
suits the Zabrak or Twi'Lek.

Replacements are total (which includes cutscene and in-game dialogue
as well as character grunts, death, etc.)

If you're reading this off of a file distribution site, you may want
to download a small sample of each voice before downloading JK3 VES.

Kel Dor


Alternate Female


There are three files packaged within the file. They are:

- "Alt Female.pk3"

- "Kel Dor.pk3"

- "Rodian.pk3"

In order to use the appropriate voice for your character, you simply
unzip whichever voice you'd like into the following directory:


Since both "Kel Dor.pk3" and "Rodian.pk3" replace the same actor, only
one of these files can be present in the directory. If both files are
in your directory, the "Rodian.pk3" file will take precedence over the
"Kel Dor.pk3". The "Alt Female.pk3" file is unaffected by the others.


You can create new directories under your "\JK3\GameData\" directory,
so that you may be able to take advantage of the in-game mod-switching
utility. For example, you can do the following:

Go to your "\JK3\GameData" directory. Make a new directory called
"VES Kel Dor".  The path should look like this:

"\JK3\GameData\VES Kel Dor"

Now unzip the "Kel Dor.pk3" file into this directory. When you initialize
the game, navigate to the mod-switching utility (under Setup). Select
"VES Kel Dor" in the menu and click the "Load Mod" link. That's it.

You may repeat this process for both the Rodian and Alternate Female
voices. This convenient utility allows you to switch between the Kel Dor
and Rodian voices without having to quit the game to move the files in
and out of the base directory.


I created this little mod primarily because I found it quite irksome
to play as the Kel Dor and Rodian characters, as they retain a very
human voice. And as we all know, Kel Dors and Rodians sound profoundly

So I toyed with the male actor a bit, trying to find the right balances
that levied the effect of distinct alien voices.  The Rodian change
is basically pitched a couple of keys higher. I then superimposed the
voice into a "chorus" to give it that strange Rodian quality.

The Kel Dor was a bit trickier -- mostly because I've never heard one
speak before.  So I read around, and had a good hard look at the face
features.  Since they speak through a breather mask, the voice had to
have an artificial quality to it.  This lead to the robotic tone not
too unlike that of Darth Vader.  And since they're supposed to speak
in low tones, I dropped the voice key down a few notches and widened
the bass.  I believe this is the best we'll get, mostly because any
further improvements would mean completely re-recording the lines
accordingly.  And since I can't afford that, this is the next best thing.
As for simulating the "wispy breathing," I opted against it, primarily
because it would sound too strange to hear the breathing only when your
character speaks.

The alternate female voice may initially seem like an afterthought, that's
not really isn't the case.  The change is very slight, very subtle; but
keen ears will be able to tell the difference between the original and
VES version of the female role.  I made her voice slightly deeper. And yes,
she still sounds very feminine.  The deeper quality does make her sound
different (in my ears at least).  I believe it matches the role of the
Zabrak or Twi'Lek quite nicely.  But of course, it doesn't desecrate the
female human, either.

Those of you who are constantly reminded fo Bastilla (of KOTOR fame)
when playing as female Jaden may appreciate this one a little more.


Well, I'm proud to say that there aren't very many.  However, some of
female Jaden's lines are spoken in an unusually perky manner.  So she
may occasionally dip back into her more original voice.  But honestly,
the change I made is pretty subtle to begin with, so you probably won't
pay it too much attention when it happens.


Everyone at LucasArts and Raven Software for making the game (as well
as the Star Was universe) possible.

And of course, downloaders like yourself, and free file sites such


You know the drill here...

- I'm not affiliated with Lucasarts or Raven Software.
- This mod is not supported by said companies.
- This mod has been tested.
- I'm not responsible for any resulting damages done to your computer.
- You may not use any assets within this mod without explicit consent.
- You are free to distribute this file as a whole.
	(In other words, if you modify it, you can't distribute it)
- I reserve the right to modify and/or remove this file from circulation.
- I'm a self-centered narcissist, so booty-kissing is very welcome.

That said, thank you for your interest in my mod, and I wish you good
Karma and happy slashing.

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