Smuggler's Hideout

I'd like to first point out that this map is designed for play with the Asteroids...


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I'd like to first point out that this map is designed for play with the Asteroids Mod.

I'd like to second point out that this is an unfinished beta and is released as-is with no expectation of updates. Consider yourself informed in that respect, so no need to ask for release dates of the final, since there won't be one.

I don't have the Asteroids mod (and I don't think any of the rest of the staff do, although I could certainly be wrong about that) so I just tested this out in baseJKA. As a stand-alone map, I think it works just fine. It's simple, but it really takes what I liked about the offiical Siege Destroyer map and takes out all the stuff I didn't like... such as being shot at by that pesky under-sized star destroyer. There's plenty of room to fly, and both Rebels and Imperials are represented. I'm sure it's all the better with the mod installed.

Bot support is not included, but why would you want/need it since bots can't fly? No surprise, and no great loss, unless you wanted to have an epic duel in the hangar. But with all the free flying space why would you want to waste your time with lightsabers? :p

I love flying...

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Smuggler's Hideout (beta, discontinued)
AUTHOR: Sentry Fodder
E-MAIL: (remove the FNORK bit)

FILENAME: hideout_beta.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 3 June 2007

CREDITS: Uses the asteroid texture from the Asteroid Mod, contains a copy of it in case user doesn't have the mod. Thanks to Inle-Ra for testing.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: If you've got the Asteroids mod, stick it in GameData/Asteroids/ else stick the pk3 into GameData/base/ without the asteroids mod all the cool ships will be missing. 

DESCRIPTION: I started this as my final masterpiece in JK3 mapping... But as I was looking into optimization and playing with entities, the reason I still played JK3 disappeared, and with that so did the will to continue the project. This has been sitting on my harddrive for months, and I may as well release it. Hell, if there's enough interest... By now I'm convinced the Asteroids Mod is dead and buried, but if there's enough interest I -might- finish a baseJKA version, or something.

Anyways. Description. Asteroid base deep in space. I used to have an in-character backstory but I lost it. Four hangars, two of them stocked with various ships (rebel and imperial make), one with a lambda-class shuttle, and one with an old yt-1300. Hangar doors can be open and shut, imperial ships are hang-docked (hold down turbo boost when undocking in one unless you like smashing into the floor) and the turrets outside will open fire on you if you damage them.

Due to not being finished it's missing some things like a lockdown mechanism on the falcon to keep people from abusing it, a complete cantina/sleeping quarters, polished lighting, outside features, bunch of extra things I was going to throw in, and VIS optimization. Nevertheless it's (kinda) playable, and an example of where spaceship maps should, imho, have gone.


BUGS: Unfinished map. Take a look around.

PREVIOUS WORKS: Imperial Fighter Bays CTF (;47665)
Yeah. I like spaceships. :)


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