Smugglers Hideout

Well, here we have a nice little map by Darth Parrot. It's supposed to be a smugglers hideout on Tattoine. It's not a bad idea actually. A...


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Well, here we have a nice little map by Darth Parrot. It's supposed to be a smugglers hideout on Tattoine. It's not a bad idea actually. And it actually doesn't look too bad.

So basically what you get is a small hangar and a platform. There are several crates in the map, and they all contain various weapons and ammo. The hangar is small and only holds one X-Wing, and why you'd use a X-Wing for smuggling I don't know. Anyhow, there's a protocol droid in the hangar, as well as a R5 unit, with a R2 unit waiting behind a wall. You can activate a forcefield and lock yourself in, as well as close the doors so on one can bother you.

There isn't that much to this map. There's a great big fan with three blades at the bottom to kill you, along with a strange console area that's got a heavy repeater near it as well. There are some pipes with steam nearby where you can turn the steam on and off, so that's fun. One thing I did notice was that you can land on the fan guards before hitting the fan, and surviving. Now THAT would be an interesting duel.

I did find the secret, but only by accident. No I won't tell you where it is, that wouldn't be fair. But here's a hint: It's bigger than an ewok and smaller than a wookie. Or is it? You decide.

Bot Support: Yes New Models: No New Music: No New Textures: No Gametypes: Duel, FFA, TFFA


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
map name: Smugglers Hideout
By: Darth Parrot
Wesite: N/A

File name: smugglers_hideout
File size: 1,383kb
Date released: 8/26/06

INSTALLATION**: Here's what you do; create a folder on your desktop called "Temp" (you can call it what ever you want, but for these instruction I'm calling it "temp") Now go to download this file, when you get to the point where you're saving it to your computer, save it in the temp file you just made.
Now, open up the temp file, and then the "", you should see a "smugglers_hideout.pk3" in here. Now memorize where that was. Next CLick on "My computer" and go into the C drive, click on program files, then lucas arts, then game data, then base. Now go back to the smugglers_hideout.pk3 and put it into the base folder.
And that's it! It'll seem less complicated as you do this more.

DESCRIPTION**: This is the first map I've made that I'm releasing to the public. I've made a few other dismall faliures that will never be released in the pass though. Anyback to the actuall description. This is a duel map that's supposed to resemble a semi-underground base on tatooine used be smugglers or pirates/bandits. It basically consists of a platfrom suspended above a gigantic fan that kills you. Off to the side, there is a hanger that has an x-wing in it, and also has a force feild and doors that you can use to seal yourself in.
There are also various weapons scattered throughout the map. There is also a secret area that contains a hamburger, fries, and a soda.
It Also supports the following game types: Duel, Power Duel, Team ffa, and ffa.
There is also bot support.

BUGS**: The force feild hum wont turn off. I was able to fake it little, so it's not all that bad.

Credits**: I'd like to thank the following people for helping me (ALOT) by giving me solutions to maping questions of mine: Bobaandy, /Rusher\, Ockniel, supermie, MW Innocent Hawk, Johnpp, and finally Kouen.
	These people Were very helpful for me. Without them, I wouldn't have been able to make this map.


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