Sniper Zone and F-Zero Beta Maps

Nathan has made a pretty good name for himself among mappers, with has mammoth success his two Matrix Reloaded maps. Here we see him branch...


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Nathan has made a pretty good name for himself among mappers, with has mammoth success his two Matrix Reloaded maps. Here we see him branching out from the Matrix. ;) In this pack comes three maps, two of them are beta maps based on the Team Fortress Classic Sniper maps, and are also going to be used in his upcoming Disruption mod. The other map included is a beta of a map made for Jedi Knight Racing, which is modeled after a map found in the game F-Zero.

The Sniper Wars maps are clearly meant for just that: sniping. Both of the maps are styled similarly, with 2 large, dimly lit buildings on either side and no means of getting to the other side, alive. The only difference between the maps is the coloring, and the second of the map has an area that juts out further than anywhere else. There is plenty of Disruptors and ammo lying about for sniping. The idea is solid, but I would like to be able to use a little more of the map to snipe, rather than just having to camp near the outside to get clear shots of the other. With a little work the mod that you are working on will be awesome!

Again, the other map is a Jedi Knight Racing map, modeled after a map in F-Zero. Having never played F-Zero myself, this track seems rather basic, and the swoops included are untextured. The track does have a neat shader, which makes it light up every few seconds.

It is certainly nice to see Nathan working on new projects! :D A recurring problem I noticed in all of the maps included here is that they are all quite dark. Also the swoops are untextured in the JKR map. I understand this is all beta, and bugs are yet to be worked out. The sniping maps are a good idea, and it's nice to see JKR being further expanded upon! Keep it up, Nathan! :)

Screenshots 1-3: F-Zero Screenshots 4-5: Sniper Map 1 Screenshots 6-7: Sniper Map 2

~Lord Griever~

New Textures - Yes Bot Support - No New Music - No

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Download '' (6.04MB)

SniperZone / F- Zero Maps FOR JKA

Mapped By [SASH] NaThan

SniperZone mod idea by [SASH] NaThan
Mod being created by JKmods team

JK Racer Mod by M.Chorno / Shroomduck 

3 FFA beta maps , 2 based on the old Team Fortress Classic Sniper maps
and one based on the JK racer mod / F-Zero.

Install both pak files into yur JKA/Base folder :) 

Sniper mod / disruption mod coming out soon from JKMODS
visit our site for more details on up and coming mods from us

for best gaming experience the sniper maps should be played in team free
for all mode and the f_zero map works best in FFA, pls note these are BETA 
maps, the disruption mod for the sniper maps will be out as soon as the 
JKA SDK is out :D and i believe the JK : Racer mod is being made by
M. Chrono and ShroomDuck.

known bugs :

		the f - zero map is just a mock up of a map im workign on which will 
be much larger in scale than this map, also the sniper maps are just a idea of the possable
extra game mods JKA can bring :D but both are fun at the moment to play :)
	F-zero map is missing textures on the speeders, thats my fault for not copying models over
to my jk2 folder when bsp'n ( meh lazy sumtimes sry ) also if u come off the track in sum areas u can 
see under the track, sos again but it saves FPS to chaulk it :D besides 99% of the time u should be on the 
track :D 
	Sniper maps a little dark in sum areas, but i liked it that way :D also they lackign in detail but when 
the proper mod is out expect to see new versions of the sniper maps with increased detail and different settings

pls feel free to email any suggestions to or

Matrix Relaoded V2 out soon  :) one model wont work at the moment :( but once i get that SDK
im sure this error will be fixed :D 


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