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W00t! Snowballs, everybody loves a good snowball fight - but now you can do it in JK3! (Well okay, you could do it before when the older ver...


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W00t! Snowballs, everybody loves a good snowball fight - but now you can do it in JK3! (Well okay, you could do it before when the older version of this mod was released last Christmas, but it's a new year, a new mod, and a new review :) ) What this mod basically does, for those who can't already tell, is give you some snowvballs to chuck at people. It replaces the thermal detonator, and lowers the damage somewhat.

Firstly, I really enjoyed this mod, mostly because it's Christmas and I'm in a festive mood - but also because it's actually not a bad mod either ;) You have both types of throw, as with the thermal detonator, one which bounces (slightly more than a normal snowball would I might add,) and one which puffs in a cloud of snow upon impact, leaving a white splodge behind. The effect of snow splatting up is a bit odd-looking, more like blobs than the powder you'd expect, so when you release this mod again next year, maybe have a look into that ;)

Overall its a true seasonal mod, which best of all, is really fun to play with! Sure the novelty will wear off by January, but till then have a blast!

~Szico VII~

(It appears the file uploaded to our servers had somehow become corrupted, so I've reuploaded and posted the file.)

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Name: Snowball Mod

Description: Changes the model, skin, effects and sound of the thermal detonator to resemble a snowball.
Author: zag and =Someone=

Completion Date: 11/12/2005

Model/Skin/String files - =Someone= 
Effects/Sound - zag

Installation Instructions:
Place snow_balls.pk3 in Gamedata/base folder.

This is the third version of my snowball mod, the first of which was made for jk2 and bundled with my first released map.
Unfortunately this mod is not compatible with the MovieBattles mod, maybe in the future someone will make a version compatible with it but it wont be me as this is my last submission to the JKA modding community before i move on to greener pastures.
Thanks to =Someone= for helping me perfect this mod, ive finally got it exactly how i imagined it should be all those years ago.
To check out more of my (mapping) and =Someones= work visit 


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