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Well, here we have a small skin pack. It consists of three skins: a cultist, a new reborn, and a boba fett. While the reskins are simple, on...


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Well, here we have a small skin pack. It consists of three skins: a cultist, a new reborn, and a boba fett. While the reskins are simple, one of them stands out. And that one is the cultist reskin, mainly because it's got a great big orange shader on it. The other one's don't really stand out too much.

Anyways, the bulk of the cultist doesn't seem to be changed, other than the face. The skin on the face has been changed to a pasty blue-white, which does not look like human skin. The eyes are also changed, but you really wouldn't notice the change. Other than the face, there are three bright green crosshairs on this skin. One on the front, and one on each side of the head. Now the orange shader on this skin pretty much renders all changes null, with the exception of the face and the crosshairs. While it's certainly a neat skin to look at, I wouldn't use it.

The second skin is a boba fett reskin, and it really isn't much. The author looks to have taken the regular boba fett and replaced most of the armor textures with what looks to be a denim pattern, and also replaced the hands with looks like a feathery texture. There is a lot of what looks to be modifications using paint, such as the visor, which really don't look too well. This might have been better if the author had used a varient of the shader that was used for the cultist skin, but it wasn't, so meh. Try to stay away from paint modifications, and try to make pasted textures blend in.

And the last skin is a new reborn skin. And it's all red. Well, not all red, but most of it is red. as in the boba reskin, the ormor in this is replaced with what looks like a denim texture, and, well the rest is just red. Except for the face. The author spent some time on the face, giving it a simple tattoo design. But other than that, it's got a lot of red in it. I don't think that this skin would have been served with a shdaer that well. Oh, and I almost missed it, but the new reborn has the word "snyper" put onto his head along with a crosshair. Here's a few suggestions to the author: find a new denim texture. I'm sure it's not denim, but move away from it. Don't use it so much. While it might make the skin look better when applied to some parts, it's not used best when it replaces a lot of the skin.

Another thing, you do not need to have the textures within your file to be in the .tga format. That just increases the size of your file. Also, you don't need two different pk3's for your file. (There were three, but I got rid of one as the same thing was in another pk3) You can just have all the skins in one pk3, and only use different folders. There? Simple.

Bot Support: Yes (but only two of three skins have it) Team Support: No Npc Support: No New Sounds: No


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Download '' (3.41MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Snyper Skin Pack
AUTHOR: Thomas Haughian A.K.A. SnypeR
E-MAIL: [email protected] 

FILENAME: myskin.pk3 
FILESIZE: 425.1 kb 
DATE RELEASED: 24 January 2005 

CREDITS: Me Myself and I; SnypeR


DESCRIPTION: Three skins one of new reborn one of madalorian and one of cultist.

BUGS: No known bugs  


*                  The SnypeR Skin Pack Read-Me                       *

Extract the .pk3s to your base folder two of the skins have bots programmed for them.

Run the game and enjoy!:)

All credits goto me for doing all of skinning and to lucas arts and raven for making this game and the tutorial on skinning.

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