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Hello folks, I've got a pack of first skins for you all! There are six skins in this pack, with the stormtrooper being the one reskinned...


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Hello folks, I've got a pack of first skins for you all!

There are six skins in this pack, with the stormtrooper being the one reskinned reskinned, which is a nice change from the usual Reborn first skins. The default skin is the normal stormtrooper armor with red replacing most places the black was. The officer skin is the default skin with the shoulderpad on it, but it has been painted yellow and green. Red skin seems to be the default stormtrooper red skin with some changes, like most of the black on it having been turned red. The blue team skin is just like the red, but the red has been turned blue, with white around the edges of the armor. The newly added green skin seems to be the default skin, but with a really odd green filter over it, making it look sorta paintbucketed. The last skin, a newly added black one, seems to be the default stormtrooper inverted, and edited till the colors seem paintbucketed. There is also the shoulderpad on it, looking like a desaturated version of the original. On top of all that, '=SOH= Air' bas been slapped onto the butt of the skin, on each skin.

So yeah... These look like they are quite simple skins, easy to do. Nothing I would not expect from a pack of first skins. They need work, like most first skins do. They could look a lot better, but I have seen far worse first skins.

Give it a download if you like em...


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: =SoH= Air
AUTHOR: =SoH= Airtrooper (DarthGrim)
E-MAIL: airtr00per@aim.com

FILESIZE: 1.38 mb
DATE RELEASED: 30 July 2007 

CREDITS: I thank several of the members of [AoF] for helping me test my skin.
Also i thank Bael's skinning tutorial video for helping me create my first skin.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just put air2.pk3 into your base folder. To uninstall just delete it.

DESCRIPTION: I made this skin to use as my clan skin. It is a stormtrooper reskin with 2 new colors added: Green and black. There are new team skins as well as an officer skin. You may also notice that I placed my name on my butt. To me, it was the easiest place to put my name. If you have a better place for it please give me a suggestion.

BUGS: I have not found any bugs, if you find any please contact me. 

COMMENTS: This is my first skin and was done in paint. It is all I have so I hope it is not too bad. 


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