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Presented for your lonely Clonely enjoyment is a powerful and deathly piece of customization.

To abbridge all formalities, this ra...


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Presented for your lonely Clonely enjoyment is a powerful and deathly piece of customization.

To abbridge all formalities, this rather large pack is a compilation of all Clone Ultima and Scout Trooper skins to fit for SP Use, and then to add some creative pepper =_= the author made a number of new skins to go in with them. Suffice to say, it looks like the entire gang is here, and I must say that this pack is definitely effective.

Really, I could ramble on and on about this, but I daresay a good look at the screenshots will probably illustrate more than that, so I will simply poke the screenshots and run off in a nonchalant fashion <_< >_>

Looks like in this second version we have some new customization options, so if you liked it before make sure to pick up this update! Team support has not been included because, as the author pointed out, you can simply download the original releases of these skins and models which will not interfere with the customization.

Team Support: No Bot Support: No NPC Support: No New Sounds: Yes


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*****STAR WARS: JEDI ACADEMY*************

Author: Pra Viilon
E-mail: [email protected]
Version: 2.0 (revised, improved and expanded)

This customisation contains nearly all clones from clone ultima pack,
storm- and scout troopers and different battle droids.
besides i have created many new skins:
like BARC clone, 9 recon corps clone, shadow commander and more (both canon and non-canon)
This customization is valuable for rp clans and for anyone who likes Star Wars combat units- clones and droids.
u can customize your character within many groups:
1. clone airborne (improved) and clone commander
2. clone bacara
3. bly, deviss, barc clone, commander bow, commander thire, 327th corps
4. phase I clones (visor improved, 8 colors available)
5. clone cody (cody helmet removable!)
6. clone marine (improved) and cold assault trooper
7. neyo, 91 recon corps clones and fleet security
8. ARC clones (visor improved, 6 colors; some elements removable)
9. phase II clones {+jetpack!} (gree, sky, 41st, 212, improved 501st , shock, 38th armored, improved standart, shadow clone and commander, mace windu batallion, jetclone)
10. scout troopers (episode 6 scout, episode 3 scout improved, night scouts)
11. sandtrooper and stormtrooper
12. snowtrooper and snowtrooper commander
13. B1 battle droids (different variants)
14. B2 super battle droid
15. Clone Commandos (6 highly customizable variants)
16. Magna Guards (3 colors)

many groups have new skin parts created by me. Existing parts are improved.
this customisation works both for single and multiplayer.

install zzzzzsoldier_customization.pk3 to your gamedata/base directory. (just unzip the archive to base folder)

to uninstall simply remove the file You installed from the base folder.

ATTENTION!!! This version overwrites the previous one when you install it.

Actually there arent any bugs i am aware of. If you find any please e-mail me.
However note that since B1 battledroid model was created for JKII: JO not for JA
there is some skeleton mismatch there. It makes some dual saber animations look
a bit differently than they should. It doesnt crash the game though. All other models are okay.
Also notice that your custom skin will look differently when you play hoth mission in sp.

YOU CAN use any skins from this customization provided that you include this readme and neccesarry additional readmes.
YOU CAN distribute this soldier customization unmodified freely and you can use this customization unchanged in your mods provided you include the readmes.
YOU CANNOT modify and release the modified versions of this customization (e.g. new versions, V3 or whatever) unless you have an explicit permission from me, Pra Viilon.
If you want to include new skin to it or just have an idea about any new skin, please contact me. this will be greatly appreciated.

Mars Marshall and his team: awesome clone ultima pack, magna guards and republic commandos
Hapslash: scout-, sand- and stormtroopers models and skins.
Monsoontide,Keshire, Tyrael: scout trooper skin
Weedsmoker: clone scout skin
Duncan 10158: night scout skin
Chairwalker: super battle droid
Prophet: B1 droids
Robin &quot;IZaNaGI&quot; Molde: the shader i used for phase I, ARC clones, speculiar images for droids, clone sounds

Special Thanks:
DAJ clan: for their support and brotherhood (
Buffy: helping me to get clone ultima 2.0


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