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Wade's review of version ... what are we up to now? I think he did the review of 5.3.

I must admit I'm becoming quite the fan...


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Wade's review of version ... what are we up to now? I think he did the review of 5.3.

I must admit I'm becoming quite the fan of the Solid skins and yet again I haven't been let down. As before the detail is there (especially in the pants); it would be nice if the shoes had a bit more to them however, they're like some kind of Michael Jackson get-up rip-off.

The face is re-used from the last Solid skin I reviewed but it's a good choice and has the detail (the fact the beard looks like a beard is great). The hair is great again and the headband is a good addition (although that's in the model not the skin but hey, it still looks cool). One thing that is semi-lacking is the shirt, while it does work and isn't plain it still is lacking in the material area. I think maybe adding something to reduce the way the light reflects.

Keep up the good work with these skins; I've kept them all so far and will continue to do so...just be sure to add new sounds next time and to please the majority, even if you don't use them add in bot support and team colors.

Well, let's see ... we're on version 6.5 now. How the author went from version 5.3 to 6.5, I'll never understand. And I'm not sure if these new versions are supposed to replace the older versions, or if they're in addition to the others. But, yeah. So anyway, this version of Solid Filip has red shoes, it looks like camo pants, a red shirt underneath and a black shirt over that. The face looks great as always.

The team skins are just the default skin. So like, yeah, it's just team support. And there's no custom taunt! This skin just screams for a custom taunt, and even more. Like, custom death sounds too. So that's the biggest disappointment for me here. Otherwise, good work.

Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No


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Jedi Academy
Author:SoLiD Filip
E-mail:[email protected]
name of mod:SOlid Filip 6.0(5.0)
k,this is ME..agin his time its the ultimated version,yes no more it has team suport only

progams used:
PSP(yes this time no paint)

spc thx:

Graves,lucas arts...and winamp studius =]

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