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Wade's review of Darth Kitty's high-rated model, Solid Snake: First of all this is (kind of) a multi-skin pack, it's all the s...


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Wade's review of Darth Kitty's high-rated model, Solid Snake:

First of all this is (kind of) a multi-skin pack, it's all the same guy but from various parts of the game (?)

I'm going to totally forgive some of the lack of detail on the texturing because of the great model AND the superb (read: wow) face on this guy. The texturing really could have done with a bit more sharpening in various places as it seems to blend slightly which is such a shame but besides that this model really is nicely done.

This looks like a totally new model to me (it is right guys?) because it is perfectly fitting for the texturing; if it is a new model then kudos on the work on it, the guys chest is even done properly to give it the right shape for a well built guy.

The prisoner model does have one problem however, he has lumps on his arms...they need to go! Besides that though the girls should be happy, the guy has no shirt on The "BattleWorn" one is kind of a blend of the normal one and him without a shirt on, as the name suggests it's like he's been in battle and they've tore his cloths (as they always do when the main guy is well built don't they?) MGS3 is a camo outfit which is another one I particularly like, this one has the detail they all should have, clear good texturing and nice job on the face paint too!

Good job on including new sounds for him too, they're clear and sound great, but "you kept me waiting, huh?" for what? lol I've not played the game so I have no idea; but it sounds cool anyway!

This already is such a great model, I wasn't sure how Darth Kitty could improve upon it. The default skin doesn't appear to have anything new added. The team skins look great and are just what you'd expect. Then there are some other skins in here that, well, frankly, I have no idea. Okay, but here's the best part about this Solid Snake model/skin rerelease: You can create your OWN Snake using the Create-a-Player custom skin maker thingy in JA. WOO! In that third screenshot, I have no idea why I put in two of the exact same guys there. So don't ask.

Last screenshot there ... yeah ... that's Snake in his boxers. I really have nothing to say about that. But OMG! The Hydroball skin/model. I LOVE IT! He has ... flippers! Anyway, great job, Kitty! :D

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Download '' (12.75MB)

Model Names : Solid Snake 
Author : Darth_Kitty 
Email Address : [email protected] 
Model description : 

Model includes: 

This includes all of the original skins that were released, but they have been redone comepletly. 
However in this version, its not about preset models. You create your OWN Snake via JA's Create A Player 
Have Fun! 

Thanks to : PsykOSith for his help and advice throughout this project. 
Thanks to : Noxrepere (Know before as 7th Jedi) for being SO patient with me 
Thanks to : Gangster Angel for Beta Testing 
Thanks to : Big Boss and other forum members for there support! 


Open Jedi Project Supported! 

HydroBall Supported! 



YOU MAY NOW RELEASE SKINS! Just give me credit for the original contents 


Filename : Solid Snake.pk3 
Filesize : 13.3MB 
Date Released : 6/24/04 
LODS : Hell No! 
Bot Support : Yes 
Team Colors : Yes 
Custom Sounds : Yes 
How to install: 
Unzip the zip file into you base folder. 


© 2002 LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC. 
© 2002 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM or ® as indicated. 
metal gear All rights reserved. Used under authorization. 
LucasArts and the vehicle model LucasArts logo are trademarks 
of Lucasfilm Ltd. 
© coming soon Raven Software LTD 2002, Activision 
oh and KONAMI for the Metal Gear Solid 

to JA

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