Well here we have a very nice Mid Sized CTF map. This map really brings back memories, I remember I used to play practically nothing but CTF...


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Well here we have a very nice Mid Sized CTF map. This map really brings back memories, I remember I used to play practically nothing but CTF back when I played JK2. And this map has lots of tactical features to it that kinda remind me of some of the ones that were in the JK2 maps.

Where to start?

Well, probably the first thing I noticed when I started up the map was that the two main bases in the outdoor area where I spawned looked as if they were from the Taspir Multiplayer level. But the way that they have been placed and made part of the map looks great.

There are some very cool features in here, which make it interesting trying to get to the enemies flag base, after all its not supposes to be easy right? ;)

There are three ways that I saw to get to the enemies flag base. First you can go from one outside base to another. These bases as I have said look like the towers out of the Taspir MP map. There is a tower on either side of a bridge, beneath which is a sea of lava. And there’s also some cool terrain around here too :) Once you are inside the tower you need to take the very cool lift (that has each teams logo on what looks like a giant pane of glass) to the top floor then hop into the teleporter. The teleporter is a bit hard to see as its in a dark area and it kinda blends in with the wall, so just walk along the wall till you find it ;) That then takes you to the enemies flag base.

Now from there you can either go back the way you came and go over the bridge to your base, or take one of the other two options. One is a really crazy maze, but I couldn’t find my way around that as I didn’t look at the map of the maze included in the .zip lol, my bad.

The other way is the shortest but probably the MOST difficult one to get across. I like that kind of tactics on a CTF map, the quickest way should always be made more difficult to keep the gameplay balance right.

This way you have to jump across some poles that sink into the lava below as you jump across….if that wasn’t bad enough, you then have to wade through a swimming pool that is in a little area in the middle of the lava (the water in that pool is gonna be HOT with all that lava underneath!), and then jump back across MORE sinking poles! Its great fun though! I would love to see how that plays in a proper CTF match.

There are however one or two bugs that could do with sorting out.

Probably the main one would be that in one or two areas there are bits of the wall that just disappear. This leaves a nasty looking Hall of Mirrors (or HOM) effect behind it. Now, as far as I am aware this can happen if you have too many structural brushes on one area. Always make sure that only your main walls, floor and ceiling, or anything like doors that have to block visibility are structural. Anything like pillars and crates and other details like that should be made into detail brushes. (In Radiant select the brushes you want and go to the Selection menu and then go to make Detail). That should hopefully fix that :) However the affected area is only rather small, so it can be ignored, especially in the heat of an intense CTF battle!

One other thing that wasn’t really that important but that bugged me a little bit, was that the lava in the two towers area wasn’t stretched very well. When you look at it you can see that the texture repeats quite often and that looks a bit weird. But you don’t really notice it that much when your playing.

Overall a nice sized and nicely made CTF here, there are some nice features on this map which should make your CTF games that bit more interesting! ;)

I look forward to seeing more maps (hopefully some CTF ones too) from this author!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: CTF


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Title				: sorteam
Author				: (SOR)Jedi Max(CM)
E-Mail				: [email protected]

File Name			: sorteam.pk3
File Size			: 7,059 KB (pk3)
Date Released			: 8/11/05

Game Type			: ctf team
New Textures			: YES
New Models			: YES 
Music				: YES
Bot Route			: YES 
Bugs				: problem with wall in red base 
Installation			: Put the sor.pk3 into your /gamedata/base/ directory.

Uninstall                       : Take the sor.pk3 out of your /gamedata/base/ directory.

Description/File Info		: 

CTF TFFA based map there are three ways to get to each base

1, huge maze
2, bridge section
3, swimming pool over lava

Credits: Thanks to Raven for making the Taspir MP map, some of which was modified to make the 
two towers in this map.


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