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Kingdom Hearts fans rejoice! If you've been waiting for a Sora model, your wait is over. As I'm told, some kind of project went under, and...


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Kingdom Hearts fans rejoice! If you've been waiting for a Sora model, your wait is over. As I'm told, some kind of project went under, and TryForce's Sora model would have met certain doom. But Shady-D picked up the model and skinned and weighted it for use in Jedi Academy. The skin, while simple, definitely looks like Sora, and while there are a few parts of it I don't like (contrast! I can't see Sora's face unless I'm 2 inches away from it!) overall it does a good job.

The real pitfall of this model is the weighting. I'm not talking about little tiny issues, either. I'm talking about arm-breaking weighting flaws. By "arm breaking" I mean that during some animations sora looks like he has a complete arm fracture about 3 inches above his elbow - arms don't bend that way! Also during several animations portions of Sora's torso peek out through his jacket, as if a couple of individual vertices were weighted to the wrong bone. Also the shoulders leave something to be desired, though to be honest that's probably because the shoulders don't seem to have been modeled with rig deformation in mind.

One other deformation error I noticed was with the mouth, but I'm going to help out with this. I may be bad at a lot of things when it comes to weighting, but weighting mouths I've pretty much gotten down to a science. The easiest way to get proper lip deformation is to weigh the lips .4 to their respective lip bones and .6 to the cranium. Weigh the verts in the middle .6 to the cranium and .2 to the right and left lip bones. Don't forget to do the same for the chin, as well! This should keep your model from looking like it had a stroke. Symmetry is the key. For those of you who aren't familiar with weighting, don't feel bad if I just confused you.

Anyway, overall it's a good model. It has a few problems, but that won't keep fans from enjoying it, and it certainly wouldn't keep me from enjoying it.

Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Sora 
E-MAIL: roopramdennis@hotmail.com 
WEBSITE: http://s15.invisionfree.com/shadys_place/
FILENAME: Sora.pk3
FILESIZE: .pk3 = 3.031 kb
DATE RELEASED: 25 feb 2006 

Model: TryForce (tryforce13@hotmail.com)
Skin: Shady-D

***Special Thanks*** to:
ElegosVos: For the icons and random blabbering
(JL) Sora: For eating i mean uh.. helping me fix the face mesh and getting the skin right
(<MW>) Innocent Hawk: For helping me with the shaders, Thnx mate!

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just extract the pk3 to your 
&quot;\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base\&quot; folder

DESCRIPTION: KH2 Main character. Sora Hikari, I (Shady-D) know nothing of this character except for
that he wakes up in a different world finds a key and becomes some kind of key master.

Bot support: no
NPC support: yes
Team support: yes
New sounds: yes

BUGS: fingers deform. Eyes cant close properly, big anime eyes.
Some sounds just randomly dont work...

COMMENTS: If reskinned or whatever notify me and TryForce by mail or on my forums 


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