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Now, I didn't see the earlier versions of this skin, and I'm not too up to date on my Expanded Universe information, but supposidly he...


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Now, I didn't see the earlier versions of this skin, and I'm not too up to date on my Expanded Universe information, but supposidly here we have a Jedi from such an era by the name of Sora Bulq. Though the description says he was convert to the Dark side during the Clone Wars, so perhaps I'm missing more than EU here. Anyway, on with the skin... To be honest, I havn't much to say on it, the author states that the main addition to this is new hair to make the character look more similar to his actual self. The file contains numerous skins, the two team colors(Thats a plus), a sith version of the character(Who is suited in all black/dark clothing), an EU version in which the jedi tunic is more of a dark brown, then of course the default. All have the newly added hair style.

If your a Star Wars skin/model collector for this game, this may be of some use to your set.


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Title: Sora Bulq v3
Author: Expert 

File Name: Sora_Bulq_v3.pk3 
File Size: 4.54 MB 

Description: This is the third version of my Sora Bulq skin. Sora Bulq was a Weequay Jedi who fought in the Clone Wars. He was remembered as one of the greatest lightsaber duelists the order had ever known, having aided Master Windu in perfecting Vaapad (the seven forms of lightsaber combat). However, he had not mastered the form; rather it had mastered him, as he fell to the dark side. He would later fight his old friend and mentor, Jedi Master Mace Windu, but was nearly killed and managed to escape Windu.
Later in the Clone Wars, Sora Bulq led a Morkugai army against Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis and managed to strike him down. Sora was eventually cut down by four Jedi members of Rancisis' task force.
--To get more information about Sora Bulq visit the databank on

Comments: I made this third version because many people said this Sora Bulq skin should have more hair in order to make it look more like...well,Sora Bulq ;) since he has not just hair on one side of his head but on both sides.So version 3 of Sora Bulq has finally pretty hair on both sides of his head and hair hanging down his shoulders :) This third version also gave me the chance to create a new variation of the skin that represents Sora Bulq as he appears in the EU Comic-Books.Take a look at the little details in the hair of this Comic-version,I call them "hairbinders"... I hope you know what I mean ;)

So altogether Sora Bulq v3 has included:
--Default Sora Bulq skin as he appears in the movies with Team Support,Bot Support and new Taunt
--Comic-version of Sora Bulq as he appears in the Expanded Universe Comic-Books with Bot Support and new Taunt
--Sith-version of Sora Bulq [read the description and you'll know why I made a Sith version of this skin ;) ...] with Bot Support and new Taunt
!!!All three versions of this skin have new added hair!!!

CREDITS: I give credit to the creators of the EP I Obi-Wan Kenobi model Tex 360,Toonces,Arco and Mars because I used some of their textures. I've included the original readme file of this model to make sure that everybody knows of which model the textures were taken. I also give credit to *Vas*dr.zoidberg because for my skin I used a .surf file he made and used for his Grako Slova skin. I've included the original readme file of the Grako Slova skin.

Put the Sora_Bulq_v3.pk3 file into the /GameData/base folder.

If you want to use this file for a reskin or mod, please give me credit in the readme. There's no need to ask me for a permission. Thank you :-)

<<<***>>> Special Thanks to *Vas*dr.zoidberg for Beta testing ;) <<<***>>>


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