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When I first saw the screenshot for the SOS Clan Only map, I thought "OMG It's a ripoff of FM's Yavin Training Temple from JK2!" But then I took a look at the map and I see that, if anything, Obrai Bane was just inspired by that map.

The map does have a temple-like feel to it. I spawned outside and made a quick note about how much I didn't like the sky, but I soon forgot about the sky - especially since the author addressed that issue in the readme. :) Oh, did I forget to tell you guys? Yeah, Obrai Bane is a first-time mapper. Pretty darn impressive for a first-timer, eh? He accomplishes one thing really well - there are plenty of areas to duel. And at first I kinda thought that people would be getting in the way of duels because there were only three paths. But if you go to the left or the right, it's like, a circle. The two paths meet up in that large rectangular room. The largest room, down the straight path from outside, is what reminded me of Yavin Training Temple. It's high above the floor, and there are a few levels for dueling and FFAing. Ah yes, and then there's the council room. As he states in his readme, don't try getting there unless you have rcon (on a server). The author claimed that there were other little surprises, but I didn't stumble upon any. Then again, I wasn't really looking either. :P

The worst thing I can say about this map is that the textures are a bit bland. But y'know what? I like this map. It's big, has great FPS and there are different areas of interest. I'd love to see an update to this map with a few fixes (like the sky) and maybe bot support for those who don't play on the servers. This is a decent-sized map and could be fun to do a big bot hunt on. :D I, for one, think you did a great job with this map, Obrai Bane. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see your next maps! :)

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA




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	BY {SOS}Obrai Bane (CO)

Background Information
First of all, this is my first map, please be gentle - 8^).  More are on the way.  
I'd like to give a special thanks to {SOS}Pnut (CL) for his hard work in providing an
awesome place to play for an awesome clan, as well as {SOS}Rein (CL) for this clan.  Thanks
go to {SOS}Gooch for his feedback during the creation of this map.  He also created the 
splash screen / levelshot for this map.  Thank you to all of the {SOS} Clan members for
their observations and feedback during the beta test of this map on the server, and to Pnut
for putting the map on the server for a beta test. As well, thanks to Raven, Twisted,
Roshi, Gynec, Stukatto and the other folks at Gamecenter.com for answering my questions
in the creation of this map.  In addition, thanks go to Gothix, WhiteShark,Wadev1589, 
$Michiel$, Nkenobi, EXiT, and many others at the Jedi Academy Gaming Mapping Forum for
answerng my questions.

This is designed as a FFA map.  Gun supported.  No BOT Support at this time.  As long as
I've been with the JK Multiplayer (JK2 and JKA) I've noticed a few things about duels.  

1) When multiple duels occur, ppl hate to run from place to place trying to find a free 
place to duel.  This map attempts to provide many duel pads in one room.

2) Every duel usually has a couple of spectators. This map attempts to provide clear-cut
spectation pads, that will not interfere with the duels

In addition, there are a few suprises to be found in the map.  If you're not council,
don't even attempt to get into the counsel room.  It will be impossible if on the server 
as it requires rcon.  There are other suprises as well for everyone.

Place all files in the Gamedata\Base. That's it!  

I'll take no responsibility for any damage that may result to your PC from the use of 
this map.  No part of this map may be used for any other map without permission from
the author.  Any part of this map that bears similarities to any other map is purely 
coincidental.  All parts of this map are believed by the author to be public domain.

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