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If there's one thing this map excels at, it has to be the architecture. Everywhere you go in this map you'll see finely-crafted pillars, r...


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If there's one thing this map excels at, it has to be the architecture. Everywhere you go in this map you'll see finely-crafted pillars, railings, walls and other cool-looking stuff. That's not to say it always fits the feel of the map, but it still looks pretty amazing (albeit impractical in some cases ;) ) I say impractical, because although the architecture is great, I do wonder why some of it is there - for example, in the red corridor (see second screenshot) why is there railings going up the wall? Strange. However that's not really a negative point at all, just a bit of an observement. The lighting in this map seems very Doom3 inspired, as does the rocky with lava theme. Of course this is all in line with a Sith-themed building, for the SOS clan. (Shadows of the Sith)

Ah, I hear you cry, "It's a nasty old clan map." No so - there is one little section with a picture of the clan and a 'coming soon' picture which spoils that room, but aside from that you really wouldn't realise this is a clan map, and besides it's so well made I would have advised you to try it even if it had been plastered with clan logos. The ambient sounds, while used very well with the lava splash effects, seem just a little wrong for the sound of laval, and where the giant rumbling coems from is anyones guess, but the ambient music is fantastic for the style and setting of the map and both visuals and auditory effects come together really well.

The map comes with full bot support, so no qualms here, and there's some very nice movers in this map as well - I liked the room with the giant cog - great work with the sounds here, and there's a nice feature on some of the duel rooms whereby this sign outside the room ligths up when people are inside dueling. This is a little buggy, as sometimes when people go in/out in twos and stuff the light somehow switches around (i.e its on when people aren't dueling and off when they are) However, this was mostly a very rare occurence. I advise you to take a look at this map, although as much as I am impressed by the map, it isn't my kind of atmosphere, it's too dark and 'indoors' (lol :) ) but that's not to say it is in any way a bad map :D

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Download 'map_sos_underground.zip' (9.64MB)

Map - !SoS! Underground (JA)

Author - Darth Algar

Website - http://www.shadowsofthesith.com

File Name - Map_!SoS!_Underground.pk3

Version - 1.0

Custom Music - Yes

Custom Textures  - Yes

Bot Support - Yes

Build Time - Approx. 3 months

Game Type - FFA/TFFA/Duel/PowerDuel

Bugs - Force Enlightenment Light will sometimes yield a big bacta, botroutes are somewhat flawed


This is my second released map, the first being !SoS! Venom Triad Duel (www.pcgamemods.com/10783).  I began mapping about two years ago, and this is actually the sixth map I've made.

The map is actually one half of a much larger map I've been working on for a long, long time.  This half is intended to be an underground training facility and the upper half will be more residential/commercial in style.

Now, I'll take you on a tour of the facility:

'Blue' Hall
This is where the underground will meet the above-ground.  The triggerable four-way door will eventually lead to an elevator shaft, but for now, it displays a 'coming soon!' preview image of what's to come.  Above this door is a picture of the !SoS! Skin Pack, available at www.pcgamemods.com/5734/ or http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/SoS_Skin_Pack;28523.  The floor in this room is actually glass placed over a concave surface underneath.

The Main Hall
This is the first room I constructed.  It connects the rest of the rooms together and makes for the main area for ffa's and such.  I wanted it to look like the negative of the Jedi Council building, uncomfortable and seductive at the same time.  The lava around the area splashes and burns at random intervals.  The rooms surrounding the hall are individual duel rooms.  Above each one is a color-coded sign according to each rank in the !SoS! clan.  On these signs is something I've created that I believe nobody has ever been done before - If a player is occupying a duel room, the sign above that duel room will open up to display a white light.  The purpose of this is to inform players in the main room where other players are.  This way, it becomes much easier to get to where the action is and much harder to get lost.

Disciple (purple) Room
I wanted this room to be somewhat ritualistic with the pillars around it.  The pillars also serve as a place where the master can watch the student and give pointers.  It is unique in that it is entirely created with brushes, no patch meshes.  It's not the most exciting room in the map, but I'm pleased with the look of it.

Padawan (yellow) Room
This room was somewhat inspired by the mortal kombat arenas.  On either side of the room are two gigantic crushers, each containing a force enlightenment power-up.  This adds a nice dynamic to a duel taking place there.  As for the look of the room, I didn't do a lot of texturing and let the architecture stand on its own.

Warrior (green) Room
The furnace room.  I wanted to experiment with industrial textures and this is the result.  I added the spinning wheel to help give the room some life and not be static.  The wheel will actually crush a player if he becomes trapped under it.  The two chains on the side are breakable, and when broken, will open up the grate over the lava pit at the opposite end of the room.

Knight (blue) Room
The air-conditioning room.  Everything about this room suggests manipulation of air, from the vents to the huge fan in the ceiling.  That fan will also kill any player caught in it.  The switches on the upper part of this room vent steam from the corresponding tube beneath it.  This steam will hurt any player close to it.  The large grate over the center has areas of glass over it that are breakable.

Paladin (aqua) Room
This room is a mix between the final boss battle in kotor2 and the temple of the blood god featured in blade.  The player is able to progress up or down in this room via the side platforms.  On the top are four recesses.  When a player steps into any of these, he is hurt.  However, this also triggers a hatch in the center of the lower platform to open.  If all 4 recesses are triggered, all 4 hatches will open and reveal a force_boon.  The time on these triggers is short, so 4 players must trigger them at once to open up the lower hatches.

Lord (white) Room
I wanted this room to feel the most organic and alien out of all the duel rooms.  I achieved this by using almost all patch meshes.  The ribs around the side of this room are meant to be just that, ribs.  The spinning platforms in the center are representative of organs, with the fact that they're moving suggesting life.

'Red' Hall
This room is a bit of an extension of the last one, with a spinal column making up the ceiling and the ribs the sides.  The red lighting also suggests blood.

The Arena
This room begins with the platform adjacent to it.  The switch in the center extends two bridges from the platform to the arena.  The arena is basically meant for when you need a lot of room for a duel and the other rooms do not provide enough.  It is surrounded by huge columns, my first attempts with .ase models.  Around the arena are rocky cliffs and lava.  In the center lies the logo of our clan !SoS!.


Unzip the file into your "base" folder in the Jedi Academy gamedata folder.


John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra - music - "Palpatine's Teachings"

T H A N K    Y O U ' S

My clan, my friends, !SoS!, the Shadows of the Sith!  This map is a gift to you all for all the good times we have shared together.  Thank you so much for being so patient.

All the crew at www.map-review.com.  You all have been exceedingly helpful.  Without your know-how, I'd be lost.

Raven software.  Thank you for making such a great game.  How 'bout a new one eh?

The makers of GTKRadiant.  Without this program, this map could not exist.


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