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The readme states a map fit for an FFA or for Dueling. The readme also states this is a clan map with seats and viewing areas...somebody res...


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The readme states a map fit for an FFA or for Dueling. The readme also states this is a clan map with seats and viewing areas...somebody restrain me please! I belong to that group that screams out in anger at the thought of people just sitting in JA shouting 'lamer' and 'you must bow', but I must review this map as a map!

The music was ... an interesting choice. From Lord of the Rings of all places! The choice fits enough, considering this is a Jedi Academy clan map. Oh and to my surprise (my happy surprise) it was a duel map designed at the request of a clan but NOT a clan map! There are no annoying banners or anything :) There are still viewing benches however for those who enjoy sitting down doing nothing in an online game.

Texturing was fine, but the map is simple in shape so texturing really isn't a big part of this map. That takes me nicely onto the lighting which is good, some thought was put into the lighting...for the most part anyhow. I like the way the models appear to cast light onto the central fighting area. It's a nice touch.

It's a very basic map and will work just fine for duels and for small FFA's (read small FFA's filled with duelers) but I think being such a small and duel based map some more decals would have been nice and maybe 1 or 2 moving things to give the area less of a box feel and make it more atmospheric.

Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Sounds: Yes (music)


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Download 'sotg_arena.zip' (2.17MB)

                                          -=SotG=- ARENA
                                     Jedi knight: Jedi Academy

:: Created By: 
* -=SotG=-DivineX

:: Date Finished by:
* 14/02/04

:: Email: 
[email protected]

:: Special Thanks to: 
* -=SotG=-Saul & -=SotG=-FeyD for great ideas and to make this map looks soo great!!

:: -=SotG=- Clan website: 
* http://www.sotg-clan.us

:: Total Size:
*2.19 MB

- Bot Support: No
- New Textures: No
- New Music: Yes
- Game Types: FFA, Duel
:: Description:

This map was created for clan SotG {Samurai Of The Grey} clan.
This map is a really small map but fit for a FFA or a Duel! You have both sides where audience can stand/sit - there are chairs ;) and the middle of the map is the main arena. it has a Polygon in the middle where the 2 opponents OR as many as you like can duel/fight in the center of the polygon.
There are 4 pillars  in each corner of the map and lights effect that was done by -=SotG=-Saul to make the map better - we diddnt want just a plain light effect look ;). Also there are 8 statues centering the map with lights that comes out of the Crystal shining on the surface of the polygon arena.

This Map can be used as a clan match or a training session... Also for people who don't like big huge maps, and also can be use for clan or meeting seesions or to get together. Also its good for players who dont like finding their friends in huge maps:) so it is easily to find players on the map!
:: How to install:
1. Unzip the packaged files in the Winzip
2. You will see a file called: SotG_Arena.pk3
3. Than navigate to where you installed  Jedi Knight Jedi Academy Dir and than go into the folder:
* Jedi Knight Jedi Academy
* GameData
* Base
4. After you have Navigated to the base Dir put the file {SotG_Arena.pk3} into that Base folder and than Enjoy :D


- I released this new map and changed the other release of the recent ones. 
-The changes were:
* Lights Added
* Stairs Added & FIXED
* Door Error
* Overlapping Textures
* Statue Crystal Holder Light Fixed
* Added new Texture to Both Walls
* Added Blockes under Statue to make them higher
* Moved lights up higher
* Added pillar roof
* Chairs Fixed! And now you can sit on them :D

Well thats all the updates! If you do find any more Bugs please Contact me/Email me @ [email protected]





~ Enjoy!!

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