Sound2Vision: Dark Force Mod (9.0)

As far as I'm concerned, this mod can do no wrong. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun in JK3, even if it is n00by, stupid and...


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File Description

As far as I'm concerned, this mod can do no wrong. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun in JK3, even if it is n00by, stupid and oh so annoying fun. The best part? The new blaster pistol. Oh maan, that gun so owns. And the new sounds work with it as's as If I'd gone to heaven. Seriously, using it is that good. Although, to put a lid on my enthusiasm, the primary fire needs some upgraded sounds as well.

Anyway, the rest of the mod. You can read the readme file below for the full list of features, and there are a lot of them. I'm sure I didn't have time to try them all out, but what I found was goood. Aside from one thing. I played with a bot called Kate_Walker, and I'll be damned If I could kill her/it. I swear she's invincible. And to top that off, she runs around the level with cool glow trails and energy sparks whizzing around her. How is that fair? I wanted a cool energy aura too! :( Well, I suppose my player's default size being doubled does have its merits, such as 225HP and a hell of a lot of Force Power, but it also makes you a lot easier to hit.

There are several new models/skins included also. Well, they're really only edited versions of default skins, but they look nicer, if more revealing, especially on the twilek model. Still, if that's your kind of thing. I'd rather be blasting them all with my pseudo-rocket launcher, personally, but hey, we can't have everything. The new grab move in Melee attack is also so so nice....although unfortunately the sounds don't quite fit with it. Furthermore, the dismemberments are somewhat more gruesome now. I think I sliced off Rosh's head at one point, which was extremely satisfying.

Also included aside from the new weapons and 1st person view for your lightsaber are pumped-up force powers, which now extend to level 5. Basically, they’re all stronger, cooler, and with better range. I personally enjoyed the upgrades to the drain power the most. Now when you drain people, they actually lose health. That really made my day. ;) Sure, it's manic and some will inevitably look on this as 'plain stupid,' but I say to heck with them. This mod is fun, fun and more fun.

Oh, and its fun.

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (1.16MB)

TITLE : Sound2Vision (Dark Force Mod v.9)

Released for Jedi Knight, Jedi Academy : January 18, 2006

== File Details ==

Zip Distributed Name	:
PK3 Name		: henry.pk3
File Author		: Henry Christianto
Web Address		:
Email			:

== Mod Information ==

 * Category		: J.A. Multiplayer MOD
 * Requirement 		: Jedi Academy Patch 1.01
 * Help/Question    	: Only by email at

== Development Credits ==
Microsoft Corporation	: Code Compiler, Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003 

== Installation ==

- Make sure you already install the Jedi Academy Patch 1.01. This mod will only work with the patch installed!
- Put the henry.pk3 file in your \LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base folder.
- Don't forget to delete the previous dark force mod if you installing one.

== Description ==

This mod was designed for multiplayer solo game/local host, if you need to use it online, then other player must 
have the same mod and Jedi Academy Patch 1.01 installed.

My mod is type of mod that is remove the game limitation and adding as many as possible single player game feature.
Using this mod you will get easy tuning of player control, vehicle, force and etc. promising you fast and
entertaining combat, i also give you additional new saber, sword and bot special designed for this mod. You also get 
new command such a undying mode like in SP and lot of more. This mod not only for ground combat but also for space ships
combat, this mod also prevent error because of too many vehicle.

This Dark Force Mod v.9 is the update of the previous dark force mod.

== Feature ==

All the feature are described by category below :

Third Person Camera

New combat view with 3rd person camera :

1. You can switch 3rd person camera when using saber, emplaced gun or eweb portable 
   This is like what we see in jedi outcast game. Usefull for saber throw guiding.

2. You can switch 3rd person camera while riding vehicle.
   Experience realistic pilot view with camera roll movement along the ships.
   Try it at siege destroyer map if you have it.
   You can play this siege map as "free for all" game type :
   type "g_Gametype 0" and then type "devmap mp/siege_destroyer"
   Activate god or undying mode if you want to prevent hyperspace suffocate death.
   At the cheat console :
   Type "setviewpos 31731 -32257 33347 yaw" if you want to teleport at the rebel hangar
   Type "setviewpos 4762 8277 1447 yaw" if you want to teleport at the imperial hangar  
   * NOTE about game type :
   - g_Gametype 0 = Free For All (FFA)
   - g_Gametype 6 = Team Free For All (TFFA)
   - g_Gametype 8 = Capture The Flag (CTF)
   Using this thirdperson view when riding ATST or swoop vehicle is also very helpfull for targeting the shot.

3. No weapon camera
   Switch your weapon to melee and then activate third person.
   Like in single player game when we switch to "weapon none". Usefull for screenshot.
4. You can turn off all game info/status in once.
   type "cg_drawstatus 0" to remove your player icon, score, crosshair, health/armor, force status and etc.
   type "cg_drawstatus 1" to restore (view) them again. Usefull for "clear" screenshot.

Kata Moves (special saber attack)

A. New Kata (special saber attack) moves.
When you have rank 3 of saber offense and have dual saber, you will get three kata moves:

1. Alora Saber Spin Throw (Dual saber throw)
   This kata moves will throw BOTH of your saber at targeting enemy. (Like NPC Alora does in singleplayer game) 
   To do this attack, press kata(BUTTON_ATTACK+BUTTON_ALT_ATTACK) when running (press forward)
2. Dual Saber Protect (Original dual saber kata)
   This kata moves is original, but now you won't do it with crouching, you still stands up and still can move
   forward/backward right after with your saber spinning around you, doing damage to nearby enemy.
   To do this attack, press kata(BUTTON_ATTACK+BUTTON_ALT_ATTACK) only without moving forward/backward.
3. Alora Saber Spin Slash (Dual saber slash)
   This kata moves will makes player spinning around with saber still in hand. 
   To do this attack, press combination of kata(BUTTON_ATTACK+BUTTON_ALT_ATTACK) and backward button.

B. Kata with running/jumping moves.
This is very efficient way to win the battle, you can now doing any kata moves while running or jumping.
For example if your enemy moving to right while you doing kata, you can redirecting your kata moves with moving
to right also. Kata moves will not stiffened your legs that makes you can't move.
when you have single saber you can do five kata : fast->medium->strong->desann->tavion in saber atttack cycle.

New Saber and Sword

These all new saber/sword names can be found in your saber choice menu.
All of this saber/sword CAN BE USED in singleplayer game, see the description below :

A. New Sword :
Sword is type of saber draws no blade and does knockback (Tavion Sith Sword in SP)

New Sword names and definition :

1. Sword of Earth
A sith sword with special feature : 
-knockback slam attack, stabbing ground with this sword shoots electricity everywhere.
-possession blade effect, sparks slam effect, green lightning block effect.
-custom sword sound effect.
-special motion blur trail effect. 
-player with this sword have 1.2*normal speed scale.
-this sword can be used in singleplayer game, 
Start the singleplayer game, type "helpusobi 1" to activate cheat and, 
type "saber sword" at the console to get it.

2. Mightiness Scepter
This is scepter model sword, does knockback attack too like sith sword, have special effect,
and player with this scepter have 1.3*normal speed scale
This scepter can be used in singleplayer, type "saber scepter" at the console to get it.

B. New Saber :
New Saber names and definition :

1. Saber of Ice
-saber with double length and radius 
-keep spinning and doing damage in the way back of saber throw
-still active in water
-special effect for block and hit
-have parry bonus (stronger in saber lock/block duel)
-cannot disarmed/dropped or locked
-player with this saber have 1.2*normal speed scale
-this saber can be used in singleplayer, type "saber ice" at the console to get it.

2. Saber of Wind
A Staff Saber that can be thrown and will move like helicopter propeller. (While normal staff will do kick attack)
You can have two of this at the same time (one in left hand and other in right hand) because this saber is putted
in category of saber single and saber dual. At category of saber dual you can choose two of it to get dual staff.
-player with this saber have 1.3*normal speed scale
-this saber have  single blade style of desann, kata special attack moves is also enabled.
-this saber can be used in singleplayer, type "saber wind" at the console, or type "saber wind wind" to get double. 

C. Single Player only Saber (A saber with White blade color)
This MOD is for multiplayer, but if we talking about saber, all the saber is always available for singleplayer,
But i have one saber that is works only in single player and not for multiplayer. The saber name is "white".
-player with this saber have 1.1*normal speed scale
-this saber have only one saber style : tavion
-this saber have white blade color (mixed from RGB color : yellow + blue)
-start the singleplayer game, type "helpusobi 1" to activate cheat and, type "saber white" at the console to get it.

Force Ability

1. Both Light and dark force can be used together. (like single player game)
   When you spawning into the game, you will get all force ability both dark and light side.
2. Multiple force in once. (like single player game)
   Multiple force can be used in once. You can use lightning+drain+grip or use absorb+protect+rage at the same time.  
3. Fast force attack.
   Fast attack, no limitation time or delay when using the force. 
4. Rank 5 for saber offense (human player only / bot did not get it)
   Player always get rank 4 (desann) and 5 (tavion) for saber attack 
   That is now you get 5 saber style from : fast->medium->strong->desann->tavion. 
   You are not allowed to have rank 1-3, it will auto changed to rank 5 when you spawn or respawn.
5. Force power radius.
   More radius for offensive force powers (grip, drain, push, pull) This will be multiplied when you are in undying mode. 
   Only player with undying mode long range force radius, they can grip enemy that is even far away at distance.
6. More jump height .
   Special for rank 3 force jump, player can fly. Can climb the wall like spiderman with  multiple grab wall.
   Player can do wall run, wall flip or wall grab even not using saber (like single player game)
7. Easy saber throw.
   Saber throw is as easy as single player. long radius, keep attacking/spinning even touch wall that is gives you
   more time to targeting enemy while guiding your saber throw movement.
8. More force duration.
   More duration time for holding button force powers, like absorb, protect, rage, speed and see.
9. Amazing force seeing.
   Force seeing is very clear now. You can see your enemy aura shell glowing very clearly and bright.
10.Powerfull force push/pull to throw your enemy to their doom.
   You can do multiple fast throw attack, see how powerfull the force push/pull now! Slam your enemy to their doom!
   You can throw away enemy's detpack, trip mine, sentry gun, thermal and destroy it. (like every NPC jedi does)
   You can push/pull rancor or even vehicle! 
   No annoying pulled weapon! Your weapon cannot be pulled by bot! But you can pull their weapon if you are in undying mode.
   Only player who is in undying mode can pull enemies weapon. (they can even pull blaster pistol and stun baton) 
11.Flame thrower attack (like boba fett). If you have rank 3 of force lightning, switch your weapon to melee (empty hand) 
   and then use force lightning now, your lightning will be transformed into fire flame attack that burning your enemy.
   Your enemy will die with suffer, this burn shot will disintegrated their body.
12.New force power level : FORCE_LEVEL_4 (player in undying mode). Player with this rank have widely force radius,
   more damaging, pulling enemy's weapon, etc (The force is really strong in everyone who is in undying mode)
13.Force lightning can destroy enemy's trip mine, detpack, and sentry gun (just like single player game)
14.Force heal will work like single player, incremental one by one per 100 miliseconds.
   Healing amount is depends to your force heal level, level 1 = 25, level 2 = 33, level 3 = 50 point of health. 
15.Force grip level 3 can cut off your enemies head!
16.You have 156 point of force to be spend in force selection. No matter what force mastery level it is.

Force Level

A. Force regenerate time :

Force regen time is depend on your saber offense force level :
1. FP_SABER_OFFENSE  > FORCE_LEVEL_3 generate 1 point per 100 miliseconds (human player only that have rank 5)
2. FP_SABER_OFFENSE == FORCE_LEVEL_3 generate 1 point per 200 ms
3. FP_SABER_OFFENSE == FORCE_LEVEL_2 generate 1 point per 300 ms
4. FP_SABER_OFFENSE == FORCE_LEVEL_1 generate 1 point per 400 ms

B. Force power maximum :

Force power amount is depend on your saber offense force level :
1. FP_SABER_OFFENSE > FORCE_LEVEL_3  have 255 force power (human player only)
2. FP_SABER_OFFENSE == FORCE_LEVEL_3 have 125 force power
3. FP_SABER_OFFENSE == FORCE_LEVEL_2 have 100 force power
4. FP_SABER_OFFENSE == FORCE_LEVEL_1 have 75  force power
4. FP_SABER_OFFENSE == FORCE_LEVEL_0 have 0   force power (no force power / not a jedi)

C. Offensive force damage :

Offensive force powers is : FP_LIGHTNING, FP_DRAIN, FP_GRIP, FP_SABERTHROW
Level 1 : damage = 1; //because it's one-shot
Level 2 : damage = 2; 
Level 3 : damage = 3; 
Level 4 : damage = 4; (player in undying mode)
Level 5 : damage = 5; (force flame thrower came from shoot lightning with melee weapon/two handed lightning)
Armor can absorb force lightning and force burning (DAMAGE_NORMAL)

Force drain will first drain enemy's force power, after enemy have empty force, enemies health will be drained until death.
(just like single player game rules)  
Level 1 : damage = 2; //because it's one-shot
Level 2 : damage = 3; 
Level 3 : damage = 4; 
Level 4 : damage = 5; (player in undying mode)
Armor cannot absorb force drain (DAMAGE_NO_ARMOR)

Most cruel force, fast and horrified.
Level 1 : If you lift enemy more than 3 second, damage = 10; 
Level 2 : If you lift enemy more than 2 second, damage = 20; 
Level 3 : doing incrementally deadly damage = 2 less than second; (fast grip)  
Level 4 : doing incrementally deadly damage = 3 less than second; (super fast grip for player in undying mode) 
Armor cannot absorb force grip (DAMAGE_NO_ARMOR)

Level 1 : damage = 30; 
Level 2 : damage = 40; 
Level 3 : damage = 50; 
Level 4 : damage = 1000; (player with undying mode can kill their enemy in one hit)
Dismemberment (hand, arm, leg cutted off) by saber is always happen.

D. Force power radius (in map units)

1. Normal player :
Force grip distance 		600
Force mindtrick distance 	512
Force lightning distance 	700
Force drain distance 		800
Force push/pull distance 	1024

2. Player in undying mode
Force grip/mindtrick/lightning/drain/push/pull distance are : 4096

3. Saber throw distance
Now you can throw your saber at 4096 range, real far!

Undying Mode

This singleplayer command is now available for multiplayer, just open the cheat console and
type "undying" to activate the undying mode.
When you activated undying mode, that is also means you activated additional cheat :
Player in undying mode are:
-cannot be killed (take damage down to 1, but never die)
-cannot be mind-tricked (you still can see your enemies)
-their force attack (drain/grip/lightning/push/pull) cannot be absorbed
-their offensive force (grip/drain/lightning) have more damage (force level 4)
-can drain, grip, lightning, mindtrick, push/pull enemies from a very long distance.
-can pull away enemies weapon (including blaster pistol and stun baton) 
-can kill enemies with saber throw only in one hit!
-cannot falling to death.
-cannot suffocate from the horror of the hyperspace when jumping out of the ships.

With undying mode you can swimming in the lava, bungy jumping in the deadly chasm or walking in the hyperspace :-) 
Just enter the deadly maps you like, type "devmap" follow by "deadly" maps name!
for example : "devmap t3_rift" or devmap "mp/siege_destroyer" (for multiplayer maps with mp/ directory)

Here is some deadly maps you must try to having fun :
t1_rail (trem adventure)
t1_fatal (bakura sabotage)
t2_dpred (rax joris palace)
t2_rancor (rancor pit)
t2_trip (speeder race)
t2_rogue (lannik racto home at corrusscant) 
t2_wedge (bespin mine look-alike)
t3_hevil (big-fun, water fall and the river are so perfect!)
t3_rift (another fun, long and deep black-hole!)
taspir1 (Lava Swimming Pool :-)
taspir2 (duel with alora)
kor2 (final battle at korriban with big chasm)
mp/siege_destroyer (hyperspace battle, if you already download and install it)
To see complete maps, type "dir maps" at the cheat console, use button page up or page down to scroll the console.

Player Animation

From single player game, i add the animation that is not used by multiplayer :

A. Various Animation

1. Turn ON/OFF saber animation
2. Running/Walking with saber staff off animation fixed. 
   (fixed the original that is the walking/running animation looks weird when saber staff is off and we use blaster)
3. Fast walking animation like singleplayer game.
4. Melee Wepon animation is like singleplayer no weapon animation (both hand is relax and off, not raise up again)
5. Fixed bryar pistol missing animation, the original animation of bryar pistol is weird, the weapon always raise down when
   we shot something, but now i have fix it. The bryar pistol animation now works correctly like blaster pistol.
6. Right hand chopped off animation (cruel death animation from singleplayer). If your saber cut off enemy's right hand.
7. Sniper animation when shooting with disruptor.
8. Fixed walking/running torso animation while holding non saber weapon! Now your hand will moving along with your legs
   animation and not looks weird stiffed body again (just like single player game!)

B. Force Animation
In single player game, you already seen that some force in rank 1-2 have its own animation, so i add it :

   for rank 1, player must meditate and cannot move while healing himself
   Player body will surrounded by light heal smoke.
   for rank 1, player must crouch first and cannot move while activating force protect
   for rank 2, player doing protect animation but no need crouching
   for rank 1, player must gesture first and cannot move while activating force absorb
   for rank 2, player can doing absorb animation while running
   for rank 1, player must gesture himself and cannot move while activating force rage
   for rank 2, player can gesture while running with force rage active
   Player body will surrounded by dark rage smoke.
   fixed drain-hand animation
   player body will surrounded by red electric body shader
   for rank 3, player have alora ballet-jump animation 
   force mindtrick singleplayer animation (wave-hand)


A. Bryar Pistol 
The bryar old pistol is the strongest weapon in my mod. This time bryar pistol comes with new attack,
In this mod, bryar pistol will shot primary attack of TURBO LASER and secondary attack as FIREBALL BOMB
* TURBO LASER : a purple fastest laser in your game, very powerfull and accurate.
Your enemies body will be disintegrated when hit by this laser.
* FIREBALL BOMB : throwing a fireball detonator, slow speed but have great damage, intended to be used
in long range enemy as it is have large splash radius that can dangerous yourself if shot too near.
Your enemies body will be exploded when hit by this bomb.
Acctually When you spawning into the game you already get :
weapon : saber, blaster pistol, stun baton, melee, and bryar pistol (human player only and Kate_Walker bot)
inventory : binoculars, e-web holdable (machine gun), and cloak device
Other else stuff can be get with "give all" command

B. Melee weapon
With weapon melee, you can stick to the wall when you doing wall-grab jump until you release it manually.
Your melee weapon also has new ability! Kungfu attack from kyle boss is added here.

1. Normal attack :
a. Fast punch (press BUTTON_ATTACK)
b. Kick :
   * press BUTTON_ALT_ATTACK + forward/back/right/left to kick in your chossen direction
   * press BUTTON_ALT_ATTACK only to do turning kick	

2. Special attack (from kyle boss NPC at single player) :
a. Grab and punch 
   Press kata (BUTTON_ATTACK+BUTTON_ALT_ATTACK) with forward moves
b. Grab and throw
   Press kata without moving forward/backward
c. Knee throw 
   Press kata with backward moves
3. Burning attack 
   This attack only for player with force lightning level = 3,
   Use force lightning with melee weapon, the lightning will be transformed into flame thrower.

C. Other weapon
1. Walking/running/jump while charging attack with disruptor sniper mode is enabled.
2. Missile for weapon Demp2 alt attack is fixed! Now the missile of detonated electricity will travel as
   missile tracing forward, just like single player game!!
3. Balancing and cheap weapon ammo for shooting! I have reduce the amount of ammo used in each weapon.
4. Special thermal detonator bouncy thing, thermal will now bouncing around until its exploded,
   very dangerous but it's funny like a chaining ball when you throw multiple thermal bomb.


Multiplayer inventory hacked for fun :-)
1. Cloak device 
   Cloak can now deflect blaster missile, work like shield. 
2. Jet Pack
   Adding more jetpack duration when flying.
3. Portable Shield Wall
   Adding more shield duration and strength = 250 seconds.
4. E-web portable (machine gun)
   Adding more damage and fix shot effect.
5. Seeker drone
   Adding more duration.
6. Portable sentry gun
   Adding more duration and radius = 200 seconds.
7. Force enlighten dark/light and force boon
   Adding more duration = 30 seconds.
8. Item bacta
   Small bacta give 30 point of health and big bacta give 60 point of health.
9. Binoculars device
   Have 10 point of zoom meter.

Console Command

Cheats is always enabled when the map is begin (no need devmap command again)

# Cheat Command: 
"\undying" 	= toggle undying mode on/off
"\god" 		= toggle god mode on/off
"\notarget"	= toggle notarget on/off (only affect to npc not to bot)

# Give command:
"\give force" 	= maximize force power.
"\give god"   	= flag to god mode.
"\give undying" = flag to undying mode.
"\envirosuit"   = give you swim-suit. This suit is to be used under water, it can gives you air when swimming.

# Sharing Command (for debugging pretty much)
"\giveother <client_index_number> <given item/weapon>" = give another player (or even bot) whatever we want.
"\status" = to see all available client index number. Use this first before command giveother. So that you can
see your friend or beloved bot that you want to give something.

Example = giveother 0 weapon_concussion_rifle (means give client with index number of 0 a concussion weapon)
        = giveother 1 item_jetpack
Remember : client index = 0 is the human player, client index > 0 is must be a bot.

Another possible value :
item_shield_sm_instant		item_force_enlighten_light	item_force_enlighten_dark
item_shield_lrg_instant		item_force_boon			item_ysalimari
item_medpak_instant		weapon_stun_baton		weapon_melee
item_seeker			ammo_blaster			weapon_blaster_pistol
item_shield			weapon_concussion_rifle		weapon_bryar_pistol
item_medpac			weapon_blaster			weapon_disruptor	
item_medpac_big			weapon_bowcaster		weapon_repeater	
item_binoculars			weapon_demp2			weapon_flechette
item_sentry_gun			weapon_rocket_launcher		ammo_thermal
item_jetpack			ammo_tripmine			ammo_detpack
item_healthdisp			weapon_thermal			weapon_trip_mine
item_ammodisp			weapon_det_pack			weapon_emplaced
item_eweb_holdable		ammo_all			ammo_rockets
item_cloak			ammo_metallic_bolts		ammo_powercell			

# Debug Command
"\g_debugdamage 1" = shows amount of damage taken by each client. (like single player game :-)
Great if you wanna see how good you are in the battle.

# Other command
g_spawnInvulnerability "0" = set the annoying first time spawn to be zero is means that player will not get,
that annoying green shield protection when respawn that makes enemy cannot be shot for few seconds until its gone.
default value is "3000" miliseconds that is means 3 seconds protection, i suggest set it to zero because it's annoying.

# Camera command
"cg_thirdpersonangle 180" (rotate camera 180 degree)
"cg_thirdpersonangle 90" (rotate camera 90 degree)
"cg_thirdpersonangle 0" (camera back to normal)

Bot and NPC

A. New bot and NPC
There is 4 new bot, 1 with undying mode, 2 jedi and 1 mercenary :

1. Kate_Walker
   Jedi Human Female Bot, Using Undying Mode, Using dual saber : sith sword and scepter
   Using primary weapon : Bryar pistol that shot turbolaser + torpedo bomb
   Using BOTH dark side and light side ability plus force booster
2. Twilek 
   Jedi Twilek Female Bot, Normal Bot with special ability, Using two handed (staff) saber
   Using both dark and light side of the forces.
3. Zabrak
   Jedi Zabrak Female Bot, Normal Bot with special ability, Using double saber staff
   Using both dark and light side of the forces.
4. Henry 
   Civilian Human Male Bot, Not using saber, Using primary blaster pistol
   Using no force powers. category of idiot bot. (^_^) oh... i'm so weak.
   Have emotional attachment with Kate_Walker, twilek and zabrak, will always try to protect them.

There is a nightmare npc : Kate_Walker that is special designed for mutiplayer only.
This npc flagged to undying mode, great to having fun with it. 
Spawn her in the middle of the battle, she will try to kill everyone. You can see other player or
even you yourself killed by a female-monster! Great for a trap killer!
Type "\npc spawn kate_walker" to spawn it.
To see how many people she killed, just type "npc score" at the cheat console.

B. Bot Artificial Intelegence (AI)

1. All bot either a jedi or mercenary will use all weapon given.
   When were they will switch saber to shooting Sweapon?
   If enemy is far away (too long for saber) and not using weapon saber, they will switch to the best 
   weapon they have, the weapon itself from the weak to stronger one is : 
   FOR JEDI (have saber attack ) from : pistol->detpack->mine->thermal->blaster->disruptor->bowcaster->
   FOR MERCENARY (no saber attack, example : stormtrooper and ugnaught) the switch start from : melee->
   baton->pistol->.....and so on like jedi above!
2. Bot AI for secondary attack is complete! Now all bot can use alt attack of weapon demp2, flechette,
   and concussion! They can be really smart or stupid with that :-)


A. Global

1. All player are have big model scale (same height as desann body, about 140% larger)
2. HUman player have 255 armor, 255 health, 255 force power (you are the boss!)
3. Dismemberment probability is 100% (always cut off arm/body/head/leg with saber). A realistic saber combat!
4. Everyone including bot get two additional weapon : stun baton and melee (kungfu attack)
5. Armor is always counting up to maximum whenever take damage. (auto recharge shield)
6. Human player and new bot Kate_Walker have bryar pistol, others will not get it directly as it is a dangerous weapon,
   they can have it if you decided to give them with giveother command.
7. Bot must wait 30 second before respawn again after death (yes.. let them become corpse for while)
   You know it's annoying when bot that is we has just killed 1 second ago spawn again in front of me suddenly.
8. Fixed string Means Of Death, every death causes are more detailed depending the attacker, example :
   chiss was smashed himself, it means chiss caused his own death by secondary attack of repeater.
9. You can do taunt, bow and meditate at all game type!
10.Balancing Weapon/item respawn time : (in seconds)
   -RESPAWN_ARMOR							20
   -RESPAWN_HEALTH							30
   -RESPAWN_AMMO							35
   -RESPAWN_HOLDABLE (sentry gun, seeker drone, etc)			40
   -RESPAWN_MEGAHEALTH (bacta)						45
   -RESPAWN_POWERUP (force boon, enlighten light/dark, ysalimari)	50

B. Scoring Rules

Free for all (FFA) and Team Free for all (TFFA)
Kill an enemy = +1
Killing yourself or team mate = -5 

Capture the Flag : 

CTF CAPTURE BONUS		   50 // what you get for capture
CTF TEAM_BONUS			   10 // what your team gets for capture
CTF RECOVERY_BONUS		   7  // what you get for recovery
CTF FLAG_BONUS			   8  // what you get for picking up enemy flag
CTF FRAG_CARRIER_BONUS		   9  // what you get for fragging enemy flag carrier
CTF CARRIER_DANGER_PROTECT_BONUS   3  // bonus for fraggin someone who has recently hurt your flag carrier
CTF CARRIER_PROTECT_BONUS	   2  // bonus for fraggin someone while either you or your target are near your flag carrier
CTF FLAG_DEFENSE_BONUS		   4  // bonus for fraggin someone while either you or your target are near your flag
CTF RETURN_FLAG_ASSIST_BONUS	   5  // awarded for returning a flag that causes a capture to happen almost immediately
CTF FRAG_CARRIER_ASSIST_BONUS	   6  // award for fragging a flag carrier if a capture happens almost immediately

Vehicle Statistic

If you have download many vehicle, My Mod support 99 vehicles and 99 weapons vehicle to prevent error 
because of too many vehicle inside your base folder. 

This mod also hack some vehicle statistic :
1. Every fighter (ships) vehicle have 9999 armor 
2. Every vehicle have mass = 1, this will prevent vehicle from exploding when touch the wall
3. Every fighter (ships) have 9999 shields that is rechargeable automatically whenever take damage (10 point each ms)
4. Every fighter turning easily with mouseYaw and mousePitch set to 0.01 (this is enough fast)
5. Turbo speed booster time more longer and recharge more fast (9 second turbo duration and 1 second turbo recharge :-)
4. Vehicle weapon shot faster (50 miliseconds should be more than enough :-)
5. Vehicle ammo generate more rapidly (250 miliseconds for good :-)
6. Turret laser in star destroyer (in siege_destroyer map) hacked to become a weak blaster, they can't destroy your ship.
   That annoying turret laser will bounce back whenever hit your ship! It's is so funny! The star "stupid" destroyer!

So why don't you be a pilot now in vehicle map such as siege_destroyer (type "devmap mp/siege_destroyer") if you have it
or t2_trip, the big adventure map in single player game (type "devmap t2_trip").

Player Voice

A. Player Voice
Dynamic voice gives realistic combat rather than boring text chat.
Player will always say this whenever:

FP_LIGHTNING 	: gloat1.mp3, gloat2.mp3, gloat3.mp3
FP_DRAIN 	: combat1.mp3, combat2.mp3, combat3.mp3
FP_LEVITATION 	: jump1.mp3 
FP_PULL 	: jchase1.mp3, jchase2.mp3, jchase3.mp3
FP_PUSH 	: taunt1.mp3, taunt2.mp3, taunt3.mp3
FP_GRIP 	: anger1.mp3, anger2.mp3, anger3.mp3
FP_TELEPATHY 	: deflect1.mp3, deflect2.mp3, deflect3.mp3
You kill an enemy 		: victory1.mp3, victory2.mp3, victory3.mp3
Enemy failed to push/pull you 	: pushfail.mp3
Released from grip or drowning	: drown.mp3

Check your player model if it have complete sound listing!
type "dir sound/chars/<model_name>/misc/" at the cheat console
for example : "dir sound/chars/kyle/misc/"
If your player model didn't have complete sound, default sound will be used :
female default sound directory : sound/chars/female_jedi2
male default sound directory : sound/chars/jedi2

B. Saber sounds
Saber throw spin sound will be different for each level of saber throw (like single player game)


I'm creating all of this mod feature by myself,
Whenever you need help just email at :
Remember i can only reply you if you email me and no other way.

Thank's for using my mod!

@@@ Henry Christianto @@@

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