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Well, here we have version two of the SP Mace Windu skin. Basically everything has been optimized, and in the author’s opinion, the skin is...


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File Description

Well, here we have version two of the SP Mace Windu skin. Basically everything has been optimized, and in the author’s opinion, the skin is next to perfect now. Perfect being the author’s opinion, I just think it’s weird to see a face like Mace Windu’s on Anakin’s head. Anyhow, there are several versions of this skin, including red, blue, sith, robed, armored, and siege versions. Since this is basically an update to the previous version. It’s well skinned, and has all the goodies included, with Mace Windu’s saber. So if you liked the precious version, then download this.

(Small note to the author about his comic: We don’t accept inappropriate (this includes innuendo) material in our files, ever I decided to be nice and simply delete the comic.

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes Npc Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Title: SP_MaceWindu_v2
Authors : Spanki
E-Mail : www.spankispank@web.de
Website: :( , comeing soon

File Name : SP_MaceWindu_v2.pk3
File Size: 3,97 MB
Date Released : 28-01-2007

Sounds: yes
New Shaders: Yes
Bot Support: Yes
New Models: No
New Textures: Yes
New Icons: Yes
Team Colours: Yes
NPC Support: Yes

Model - HapSlash
Textures - Spanki (+ little parts of Haps textures)
Mesh Optimization, Weighting & Conversion,- Infinity Blade

Sound files supplied by

Credits: HapSlash (for the awesome model)
         E-Mail : slash_happy@yahoo.com
         Deetox (for the sound of ct_windu)
         E-Mail : Toonces@drivingcatstudios.com

         Trauma Sensei (for the Saberpack)
         E-Mail : emperorluciferis@gmail.com

Description: Its the second and I think the final version of my Mace Windu skin. I decided to do it cause I was not sure about the 
             shader effects and some textures. But they are finally optimized and I think they are nearly perfect now.
             This is a reskin of Hapslash's Anakin model like the first version has been.
             Hope you will enjoy this final version.
             This version is comeing with a photo-realistic face texture and optimized textures for the torso, the hips, the robe and optimized
             shader effects for a almost realistic look of Master Windu; the shader for the robe has been deleted cause I
             thought it was bullsh.. . There is a default, a robed, a hooded, a sith . . . and of course team colour
             and siege skins. Besides there is an armored version of Master Windu with armored torso, boots and arms.
             Within this second version of the skin there is the mace windu saber of the SWsaberpack by Trauma Sensei
             This is a public release so anyone can use the skin. 
             These second version will NOT replace the first version so you can keep it installed if you wish
             These skins can be selected in MP by typing following :

             model master_windu/default

             hmm ... but I prefer using the icons

             there are also NPC´s for each of the custom skins 
             npc spawn SPwinduv2
             npc spawn SPwinduv2-unrobed
             npc spawn SPwinduv2-hood
             npc spawn SPwinduv2-armored
             npc spawn SPwinduv2-red
             npc spawn SPwinduv2-sith

Bugs:  There´s a little ... its not really a bug but it might be a problem for a few of you ... 
       if you are exactly watching the skin you will see the scalp line of the HS_anakin model around the head ... 
       but I guess its just a little failure for the beauty. :)

Comments: spank ! ^^

         { this goes out to all the german JKA modders and gamers:
           Bei aufkommenden Fragen zum Texturieren , Modelieren oder sonstiges Modding , - oder
           auch beim verstehen dieses Read Me :)- schreibt mir einfach ne E-mail www.spankispank@web.de
           Falls ihr größere modding Projekte plant und mich in eurem Team dabei haben wollt oder 
           ein größerer Clan seid, der noch Clanskins benötigt, dann schreibt 
           einfach eine Mail und erklärt kurz , WAS ihr plant ( das soll jedoch nicht heißen , dass ich clanskins  
           bastle nur weil ihr ne Mail schreibt,  :) }

          Special thank's go out to HapSlash and his modding fellows ( Infinity Blade, Overlord .. etc. ), 
          without this Mace Windu model would not exist.
          Thanks to Deetox for the sound files and to Trauma Sensei for the SWsaberpack where the mace windu saber is comeing from

          If there are any suggestions to make the skin better for a third version just write a mail (www.spankispank@web.de)

* How to install * 

Just extract the .pk3 into the GameData/base in your game directory, and it is selectable among the usual 
Multiplayer MODS. 

* Copyright / Permissions * 

I give permission to MODIFY (not copy) these skin as long as credit is clearly and explicitly given to me, 
Spanki, and the model's original authors. Also, notify me (spankispank@web.de) when u use any textures of mine.


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