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It really wasn't made clear to me in the readme if this file was intended for JK2 or JK3, so I'm putting in the JK3 section because ... we...


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It really wasn't made clear to me in the readme if this file was intended for JK2 or JK3, so I'm putting in the JK3 section because ... well ... I have no real reason. Just because. :P ]TSs[HavoK]JM[ created this sound conversion mod thingy to replace some key sounds in JK2 (or JK3?). Sound changes were made to the saber, force and a few of the weapons. The repeater sounds are much more forceful now. The shots have a stronger presence, if you know what I mean. I didn't notice much of a difference with the flechette. The blasters regular fire hasn't changed much, but I do like the sound of the secondary fire. The disruptor's alt fire loses some oomph with the sound that was replaced here, but some may prefer it. The changes made to force sounds are ... well ... honestly, I can't stand them. They're loud and jarring and just not what you'd expect to hear with a push and pull. The saber sounds are a bit tinny (is that a word?) and I guess I just will always prefer the default sounds.

While I did like some of the replacement sounds for the weapons, I didn't like the sounds that were chosen for the saber and force, so I won't be keeping this mod. This was Havok's first mod, and he did a fine job at putting it all together. :) I just don't like the sounds he chose - but maybe you will! Give this sound mod a spin and let him know what you think. I did test this with JK2 and JK3 and it works for both. :)


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JEDI KNIGHT II Sound Conversion

Title			: SP MP Sounds	 
Author			: Pat ]TSs[HavoK]JM[ Whalen
E-Mail			: lph2005@hotail.com	

File Name		: SP Sounds	
File Size		: 1.85 MB
Date Released		: 10/8/03

Installation            : Just place the SP Sounds.pk3 into your JK2/Gamedata/Base Folder and run the game as normal.
                          To remove, just delete the file.

Description		: This is a conversion of most of the sound aspects of the JK2 SP and MP game. It changes the sounds
			  for most of the weapons, including the saber, force, repeater, fletchette, jump, blaster rifle, 
                          and the sniper rifle. Force Push, Speed, Jump, and Pull have been changed. Saber On, Off, and 
                          saber swings have also been changed.
Comments		: This is my first conversion pack, so im not expecting it to getting good ratings, but if it does, 
                          well then im Happy!. Place as you wish

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